Playing D&D (and what is up?!)

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Playing D&D (and what is up?!)

Postby almog3d » Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:25 am

Hi guys, Big fan.
If you guys are quite done having fun with randy and touwly, please note you are heading to the most boring season yet.
i couldn't even finish the Halloween special. the subject you are touching are not so relevant, is not controversial, catastrophically stupid or showing the real image, criticizing, or sharing a glimpse of truth from the children's eyes ! ,
i get it, randy love selling weed, shelly hate it, but WHAT IS UP YOU GUYS. THIS IS BORING. and i love southpark!

you are not using your character's potential at all. cartman is not just a pig he can be smart, charismatic, brutally honest, and sociopathic . with up to date deep understanding of today most geek culture relevant topics. like you did with the console wars mixed with black Friday and game of thrones. that was smart funny and exciting. So my idea for the episode is :
David Benioff & dan weiss and the collapse of game of thrones, the self destruct and vilifying of the main characters. and how ultimatly, you dont do that.
i mean, its like killing batman or superman just before making them rapist. who want to put a super hero rapist shirt??! or a dragon queen who burn children.
cartman can play D&D dragons & dungeons, i dont know but the point of criticism is you told destroy characters like this.
never before a symbol like the Targaryen symbol was stamped down to a point people who name their children was sorry about it, when no one want to put a shirt, rewatch or see a prequel. those who binged it we're fine with the ending, calling it rushed. and those who invested 10 years to follow GOT were devastated and received no compassion but called the negative audience. for hating it, i would except nothing less from southpark to touch this subject thx

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