R. Kelly is the Pied Piper

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R. Kelly is the Pied Piper

Postby Member_Berries » Mon Jan 27, 2020 4:15 pm

South Park has a bunch of rats running around it's streets and the mayor hires a man who promises to take care of the issue for a small fee: The mayor allows him to put on a concert in the town(unbeknownst to the mayor, the man is R.Kelly). The pest control worker(R.Kelly) is doing a great job at getting the rats off the streets, but the way he is doing it is attracting a lot of attention. He is peeing on the rats while singing some of his popular songs [I believe I can fly, and imagine any other songs]

All the girls from South Park Elementary have been loving this "new" music they've been hearing through their windows at night. The lyrics are oddly sexual OR extremely inspiring church like music with hidden sexual messages. When they aren't being performed by the pest control man, they have been playing on his work truck/van speakers loud enough to gain the attention of girls and lure them out of their houses to his hotel.

The hotel has a cult of girls from South Park Elementary. Wendy saves the girls, and R. Kelly is trapped in the closet. The Police (Officer Barbrady) sees everything that is going on but he gets away AGAIN without being held responsible for his crimes.


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