Episode Idea- Karen McCormick and the "Karen meme"

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Episode Idea- Karen McCormick and the "Karen meme"

Postby cyngawolf » Mon Apr 19, 2021 12:33 am

So, I have noticed a popular meme going around where problematic, rude, annoying, and entitled adult women are referred to as "Karens". It got me thinking about how it would affect good people who have that name. And I couldn't stop thinking about Kenny's little sister and how sweet and innocent she is. So it got me thinking about how this popular meme would affect her and how others would treat her; then an episode idea came to mind. Note: This is still just a rough concept and definitely needs refining.

Possible Episode Titles: "OK Karen McCormick" , "Karens McCormick" , "Karens" , "The Karen of McCormick". (I personally think the first and last ones fit best)

Synopsis: Karen McCormick is being bullied at school due to the popular "Karen meme" and Kenny does whatever he can to put a stop to it.

Plot: Karen McCormick is being bullied at school for her name as her classmates take the "Karen meme" too seriously and treat her terribly. No one takes her seriously when she tries to speak up as they only dismissively reply with "OK Karen" as if her name defines her. This situation gets to the point where Kenny notices something is terribly wrong. He worriedly asks her what's going on but she refuses to tell. She begins to take it to heart that her name defines her and that she will inevitably grow up to be the very kind of person nobody likes. She has frequent nightmares about being a grown up dissatisfied customer asking for the manager, yelling at minimum wage employees, and making a scene. It gets bad to the point where she can barely sleep. Kenny again displays concern and again attempts to find out what is going on but to no avail. Enough is enough and Kenny decides that Karen's guardian angel needs to return. As Karen vents to Mysterion about her fears, she begins to notice coincidences like how she never sees her guardian angel and Kenny in the same place and how Mysterion would appear right after Kenny shows concern and walks off as if he's giving up. She nearly connects the dots that Kenny and Mysterion are one in the same, but dismisses the idea.

Kenny decides he will do his best to protect his sister. The bullying continues the next day, but this time Kenny is there to intervene (forgetting his Mysterion costume as he had to act FAST without thinking ahead). He gives the bullies an intimating warning before taking his sister by the hand and leaving the scene. This is when Karen really questions if Mysterion is actually just her brother protecting her. She dismisses it once again but deep down she is beginning to believe it. At home, Karen finally tells Kenny everything and screams tearfully about how she hates her name. She expresses the desire to have it legally changed to something else which Kenny thinks is an unwise and impulsive decision to make. Instead he suggests finding her a nickname which she agrees to. They look over many names with her rejecting all of them. Late that night, Kenny thinks of the name Katie (since it sounds similar to his sister's actual name) and decides to look it up. To his surprise, this name is extremely fitting. "Katie" means "Pure" and is short for "Katherine". He decides to look up his sister's real name only to discover that it means the same thing and is also short for "Kathrine". He ultimately discovers that "Karen" and "Katie" are practically the same name at their core. With this information, he suggests this name to Karen the next day which she gladly accepts. This changes her name to Karen "Katie" McCormick. This new nickname causes the bullying to gradually decrease and fade away. She goes by her nickname at school and in public but goes by her real name at home. In the end, she is thankful for not legally changing her real name and for a protective brother who cares so much about her. The episode ends with her looking at Kenny as he walks away as she whispers "Thank you, Guardian Angel"; proving that she has finally connected the dots and acknowledges with acceptance that her brother Kenny, is her Guardian Angel.
Edit: I have noticed most of the posts for episode ideas are short basic ideas. I hope I wasn't too descriptive with mine for providing a plot. I have noticed almost no one does give the plot and just gives the vague idea. Maybe I should have done the same? I sure hope I didn't go overboard and write too much.
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