Echoes that cut deep

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Echoes that cut deep

Postby Andrew_B » Thu Apr 22, 2021 12:10 am

I would like to see an episode about how many people have become ideologically 2 Dimensional due to the way news and information is now filtered, presented and consumed. Even in this forum "FanFics and Episode Ideas", for many of the suggestions you can tell what echo chamber someone lives in. Since legacy news media no longer has the large revenue from the "pre-broadband" era and they are slowly dying from a flood of web based competition that are more innovative and driven it has resulted in an information dark age.

The new information leaders use algorithms designed to keep your eyes stuck on their platform primarily by putting you through dopamine controversy cycle of villains and heroes on a range of topics it has identified an emotional response on. This keeps their ad revenue streaming in at our psychological expense.

The Legacy Media is trying to claw its way out of a path to annihilation by resorting to black hat tactics of click bait, fabricated controversy, paid for ads packaged as news, political & profit based bias resulting in people being manipulated into choices that make their life worse, impact national interests and security negatively.

The news used to be about making sure people were informed on important issues to ensure they were prepared and could get by in their life and contribute to the betterment of the town/state/country/planet they lived in.

Note: Also I think above is why South ParQ Vaccination Special had a lot of negative reviews because most people (especially younger viewers) didn't buy into the whole Q thing as a real issue. Most people I talked to saw it as a "nothing issue" the legacy media tried to create into something much bigger than it was for both political reasons and because it got clicks.

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