Breach Once More Into the Abyss

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Breach Once More Into the Abyss

Postby cheater120 » Thu Jun 03, 2021 1:41 am

After Randy Marsh breaks wind in Church, Mister Hanky returns to teach the magic of the Eucharist. A brief but complex show of Christ's life and miracles are explained by Mister Hanky, serving as a Deacon in his role to educate the children. Then, the reason for his death, farting while making love to Mary Magdelene, is showed, and his resulting crucifiction.

At the end of the tale, it's explained that you have to hold your farts in, until Holy Communion, at the Eucharist, and that Stan Marsh has to wait just a little longer before he can become a man in the Eyes of God, his smiling father, Randy.
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Re: Breach Once More Into the Abyss

Postby Andrew_B » Wed Jul 07, 2021 11:24 am

I like this idea, it has its roots in classic South Park but explores something new. Now that I think about it, though they have many Christian based characters and stories based around Christianity, I can't think of an episode that explores Christianity in the same critical high level way they explored Scientology and Mormonism.

The history of Christianity is just as .. if not more stupid than above. The Muslim faith and Christianity both evolved from Judaism and was adopted by the Roman empire (becoming the Catholic Roman Church) as a means of control in their expanding empire.

Though I think having the gag be that something nonsensical like farts is the main concern of the South Park community as they ignore historical inconveniences and contradictions.. if done in a clever way could be pretty funny.

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