Tiktok episode idea

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Tiktok episode idea

Postby Nekdasnake » Thu Jul 08, 2021 4:58 pm

Tiktok arrives at south park and everyone is trying to get famous in the app

The boys are at the lunch table when stan shows them funny videos from the app and everyone gets hooked on it.
In a couple days the word about the app spreads around town and everyone has it.
But for stan's dissapointment they all focus on trying to get famous instead of having fun and sending cool videos to each other.

Randy opens a page where he is a kawai cat girl and all the man in south park follow him and develop a crush in him and masturbate to his videos ( they dont know its him because of the cat costume and make up ).

Cartman has a page where he does "epic pranks" on butter but nobody follows him because its really mean which he gets really mad about and blames china for it.

Kyle has a "cool life hacks and inspirational videos" on his page where he gives his boring speach every day and everyone thinks hes gay.

All the girls have a page where they do the tiktok dances and they all look exactly the same and they fight over who has the most original content.

Everyone in south park is always on their phone watching tik toks all the time and stan gets mad about it and wounders how did everyone get addicted to it so quickly and do they want so much to get famous there.

He hangs out with kenny ( since he doesnt have a phone ) and the two of them decide to investigate the reason for the addiction.
Their investigation leads them to china where they discover the great plan: china wants to control everyone using tik tok.

Meanwhile randy geats more and more followers mostly man and after talking with kyles father he finds out all of the man in south park have a crush on him and masturbate to his videos and probably will do anything for him , he panics but after thinking about the power and money he can get from it he calms down and starts planing his expansion.

Cartman gets mad about the fact that a stupid kawai cat girl has more followers then him and posts a video that she and her fans are stupid.

Stan and kenny try sneaking to the tiktok headquarters and shutting it down but they get captured and tortured by watching cringy videos until their brain dies from overdose.

The whole world is at chinas mercy , stan and kenny are about to die when suddenly an helicopter crushed into the building and exploded and from the fire emerged  the indian prime minister.

With 2 huge guns in his hands he shoots all the chinese people there and sets stan and kenny free "come with me if you want to live" he said to them ( in a terminator voice ) and they go together to india.

Back home thing get heated when randys fans get mad because of cartmans video and call out for his blood , worried from the anger cartman goes to the girls and explains to them why they should join his side in the conflict: "its because of her that you have no followers , her kawai power took all the man away from you and you were left with nothing" , the girls agree to join cartmans side and war is about to take place in the small town.

Stan and kenny find out that india is the only place where they are no longer under the tiktok hypnosis because tiktok is banned there.

Together with the prime minister they figure out the way to get everyone out of tiktok for a moment , enough time so they can attack china and shut tiktok down.

But i will take away all the brain cells they have left , they will have to make a videos (TAM TAM TAMMMM).

The war starts in south park after cartman kept posting videos calling out randy for being a "shittoker" , and randys army of simps lost their patience , the girls and cartman vs randys simp army.

The indian army is ready for the attack while stan and kenny sacrifice all they have left.

They start recording with full fake energy and smile "whats going on guys today we are gonna show you the coolest trick you can do on your phone , all you need to do is leave the app and write in your notes "i sucked china's fat cock" and your phone will do the coolest thing ever".

With the power of indian hacker and tech support every tik tok user gets a notification about the video and they all see it and try it giving the indian prime minister enough time to shut tik tok down and saving the world.

The war back home stops after cartman gets an anonymous video of randy dressing up as the kawai girl and makes video and he shows it to everyone.

Peace is restored to the world , and everyone pukes because they jerked off to randy.

Side notes:
The anonymous person is randys wife sick and tired of his sh*t.

Indian army is made of low budget terminators.

All the chinese workers are named ching chong
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Re: Tiktok episode idea

Postby Andrew_B » Wed Jul 28, 2021 10:43 am

I don't really like the idea of further publicizing a piece of sh*t app like Tiktok without some sort of valuable social commentary/lesson.

I can see you have put a lot of thought into this, what is the main point you are trying to put across?

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