South Park: Into the Meta-Verse

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South Park: Into the Meta-Verse

Postby SquanchMaster » Sat Oct 09, 2021 3:45 pm

I'm just going to list out the main points and not get too into detail.

- Episode starts with all the boys excitedly talking about the new "Terrence and Phillip" movie coming out. They're all getting costumes for the movie.
- At Kyle's house, movie starts on some mockery streaming platform, and Terrence and Phillip are excitedly talking about the new "Maple and Flapjack" movie. They're loading up on syrup and flapjacks for the movie.
- At the movie theater, movie starts, and Maple and Flapjack are excitedly talking about the new "Captain Canada" movie. Etc.

- Episode keeps going layers and layers deeper into nested movie plots, until eventually they reach the "Quantum Realm", which is a place so deep into layers of meta-humor, that the universe exists in a timeless combination of jokes.
- Down here, we encounter a crude rendition of Ant-Man, renamed "Ant Guy", because he's Canadian. He is a caricature of Paul Rudd.
- We find out that Ant Guy is down here because he's trying to find "The Point".
- "The Point" is supposedly this ancient relic that allows you to see through infinite layers of meta-humor, and understand the "true punchline" to a joke.
- Apparently, "The Point" had been lost down here years ago once people started making memes. Memes like Dat Boi, Wednesday Frog, and Pepe (all Frogs) have become the guardians of The Point.
- On the journey to find The Point, Ant Guy has to fight off these guardians and repeatedly finds himself getting very lost and walking in circles
- Eventually, Ant Guy finds the point, only to find that Disney (Mickey Mouse) already found it, and has been using it to power a Money Factory
- After a long battle, Ant Guy finally beats Mickey Mouse and gets The Point and puts it in a pouch around his neck, but just as he's about to leap backwards out of the Quantum Realm, Mickey shoots him in the head.
- Ant Guy's mangled corpse is tossed from meta-layer to meta-layer, until eventually it comes flying through the boys' TV, and his device for leaping sizzles, smokes, and dies.
- The boys take the pouch off of his neck.
- Now South Park has control of The Point.

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Re: South Park: Into the Meta-Verse

Postby Milo Vonnegut » Thu Oct 14, 2021 4:36 pm

It's a shame that this thread never gets any actual fanfiction stories. It's always just plot synopsis or bulletins.

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