A few Season 11 Mistakes

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A few Season 11 Mistakes

Postby vince_himself » Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:29 am

I already posted in here the other day, but after going back to rewatch episodes from season 11 today, I noticed several more mistakes worth mentioning. I'll probably write more if I see any.

11x03 - "Lice Capades"
Everyone knows Clyde's last name is Donovan, but in many past episodes, he's gone by a couple different last names. In this episode, he goes by Clyde Harris. Eventually, the writers changed it to Donovan, and its been that way ever since. Not sure why Trey and Matt kept changing his last name. Seems like a few characters in South Park started out with different names.

11x04 - "The Snuke"
In the climax of the episode where the Russian mercenaries are discovered, the SWAT team breaches their warehouse, armed to the teeth. I noticed that as the sniper runs in, he's already looking down his scope and is aiming his gun at the ground. Maybe the animators did this intentionally, but I doubt that because the sniper looks so out of place compared to everyone else.

11x14 - "The List
Two things I noticed in this episode, and they both involve Lola Johnson. I've noticed a lot of mistakes involving her throughout South Park. The first in this episode happens during the boys' first attempt at snatching the list from Nelly. As she's walking and facing the camera, you'll notice Lola in the background walking behind her, also facing the camera. As the shot changes, for a fraction of a second, you'll see Lola walking past Nelly and in the opposite direction down the hall. The second mistake I noticed is during the playground scene, half of Lola's headband is missing in the first shot, then it reappears in full in the next shot as Wendy and Stan walk away.
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