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why must cartman allways lose?

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:42 am
by chip0206
cartman is my faverite chariter and and 10/15/08 was another way trey parker and the the other south park makers made a fool of cartman and for one im sick of it and it pisses me oss to see this happen and cant you let him win one time. and i asked many people who 9/10 times said cartamn was their favorite chariter in south park and 8/10 of those 10 all said that they have the same opinion as me and let trie to get to the makers and make my word worth saying.

p.s.and i miss kenny (bring him back, it funny watching him die)my fav one is when he get hit by the ice cream truck thats for veiwing and leting me complety waste your time