Season 13: Whale Whores - Rockband

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Season 13: Whale Whores - Rockband

Postby Timmatron » Fri Nov 27, 2009 12:50 am

Okay, so I haven't seen anything posted on this but... In the "Whale Whores" episode when they are playing Rockband, there are a few things that I consider bloopers.

1.) Normally when they are playing a game, the game system they are using is displayed. For example when they were playing "Guitar Queer-O" they hinted at what looks like a PS2? Which is awesome since X-Box sucks... but anyways! Another example being the Towlie episode when they were playing their 2001 Okama Gamesphere.

2.) No cords except the microphone which didn't show up either when looking at the screen, which is fine if they would have showed a PS3 with the wireless thingies. Not sure about the wire going from the drum pads to the foot pedal.

3.) There were 4 players on the screen Drums, Guitar, Bass, and Voice. Only Cartman, Kenny, and Kyle were playing.

4.) The drum pad colors are wrong, which is funny because the smaller less obvious guitar buttons are correct.

5.) Kyle's fingers weren't on the buttons, they were in the middle.

6.) Is there a version of Rockband where the drum stand has 3 "feet"? Mine has 2 anyways.

7.) Finally, the voice bar had no words or beats.

I've watched every episode of South Park and I love it!

P.S. - After watching the Towlie episode again I finally found the visitor on my own =D

Edit: In my opinion they're just getting lazy with the details, which is fine because I just watch South Park to laugh =P
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Re: Season 13: Whale Whores - Rockband

Postby Arben » Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:29 am

HAHAHAHA oh man that episode was soooo funny!! I hope they have Cartman singing Pokerface again in an episode like maybe to do with American Idol or something.
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Re: Season 13: Whale Whores - Rockband

Postby RandomPicklez » Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:15 pm

I noticed that there were 4 players shown on-screen as well!

But as for the console, I think they were playing it on 360. I have nothing against the 360, but they need to show more Sony consoles. The only ones they've shown are PS2 (in Guitar Queer-O) and PSP (in Best Friends Forever).
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Re: Season 13: Whale Whores - Rockband

Postby acdcisrock2000 » Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:30 am

yeah i to wish for cartman to sing ....... again........

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