South Park x Kidrobot Now On Sale!

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South Park x Kidrobot Now On Sale!

Postby Bob-Comedy » Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:23 pm

Oh hamburgers!! The first South Park x Kidrobot mini-series is officially on sale!

Each character stands a proud 3-inches tall, has movable heads & arms, and comes packaged in a sweet
construction paper-themed box. With 14 possible characters to get, you're probably gonna need to clear
off some extra space on your desk:

There's Cartman, Kenny, Stan, Kyle, Professor Chaos, big-balled Randy, Officer Barbrady, Chef, Mr.
Mackey, Garrison, Butters, Towelie, Satan, and more -- all with their appropriate (or not appropriate)
accessories. Cartman comes with his best pal Clyde Frog, Stan with his gay ol' dog Sparky, Professor
Chaos with his partner in destruction General Disarray, Mr. Slave with Lemmiwinks, Kenny with rats...

Each one is a little bundle of South Park joy -- but hurry, they're going fast! href="">Check them out here!!

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