Possibility of Chef plush becoming more rare and expensive??

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Possibility of Chef plush becoming more rare and expensive??

Postby Econknowmic5 » Sun Aug 10, 2008 11:13 pm

The voice actor for chef died recently. due to this wouldnt it make sense that rarity and cost for chef merchandise to increase now? Some people thought he might have come back to voice chef more, and now its confirmed it wont be, due to chef's passing. Now Chef fans will probably clamor to get all the chef memoribilia they can, and chef stuff could become more rare. this is just theory. Honestly i think this is a possibility though. what do you all think?
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Re: Possibility of Chef plush becoming more rare and expensive??

Postby newbill123 » Mon Aug 11, 2008 12:49 am

Anything is possible with collectors. But prices of everything right now is driven by speculators. There will be an increase in demand, so sellers will raise their prices on Chef related material. Will it last? Probably not.

When Isaac Hayes left over a dispute about that "fruity little club" his character was killed off and not used further. The actor's attitude probably annoyed a lot of South Park fans and collectors and since the character won't be used further there won't be new fans joining the pack and demanding Chef related merchandise.

If you have lots of Chef materials, the recent news of the actor's death may be the most profitable time to sell. If you love chef as a character and want to stock up on materials, right now would be the most expensive time to buy.

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