South Park: LGTDP discussion

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South Park: LGTDP discussion

Postby HAcoreRD » Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:18 am

Starter Characters:

Stan: Heals the town for 20 hit points.

-Arguably one of the more 'situational' picks, as his special is only good in endurance games, or challenges. He is average at everything.

Kyle: Buffs the team mates alive with increased damage (all snow balls are charge up.)

- Best pick until you get Craig. Kyle is a support character, being best paired with Red for excellent combo damage.

Cartman: does strong area damage on the screen.

- The main damage bringer until Butters is unlocked. Cartman is a popular pick until Jimmy and Tweek get unlocked.

Kenny: all live enemies drop coins (up to 20 coins max)

-Deals mediocre damage, and not too useful, minus certain instances when you need a quick buck. Ability wise, he's best paired with Bebe.

Unlock Characters:

Butters: Turns into a tornado, move him to deal massive damage to enemies. (note, Butters isn't invincible until he becomes a tornado)

-At level 6+ Butters should replace Stan or Kenny for extra damage. Best all around damage until you get Jimmy or Pip.

Wendy: Cuts upgrade/building prices in half. Snow will always cost 1.

-Has the best stats in game, worst Ability, minus challenges or achievement games, where, even then, Wendy is situational.

Bebe: Collects are current money on screen.

-Has weak stats, but can get every coin on screen, makes her good for teaming with Kenny, or for getting platinum awards as coins reflect on score.

Red: Medium damage area damage.

- Possibly one of the best characters in game. Her rapid fire does more then anyone else, so she benefits from spamming, not charging. Her special, is considerably weak, but she seems to fill fast. Good damage and speed, but weaker range. My #1 character pick due to her rapid fire damage.

Craig: Slows all enemies on screen.

-The best support character. When Kyle's extra damage wont help kill 20+ enemies, the slow effect helps buy time for a team mate to charge up, or for a trap to be sprung.

Token: deals strong short range Area damage.

-While stronger than Cartman, he is weaker in speed than Clyde or Tweek. His special isn't that much better than Cartman's or Clyde's.

Clyde: deals massive short/medium range damage.

-Kind of underrated by most players. He has average stats, and deals massive damage to enemies near by...though it's understandable that Pip/Jimmy are more popular, as they can nearly 1 shot all enemies.

Jimmy: Like butters, Jimmy makes a tornado, though he is not invincible until he spins.

-One of the best in terms of special ability usage. Jimmy can pretty much clear the board with one special, as he does hit enemies several times in a second.

Timmy: Increases his speed incredibly, makes him invincible and deals strong damage to any enemy he hits.

Best range, worst attack. Timmy pales in comparison to Jimmy or Pip in terms of usefulness, though he excells in speed, like Tweek. His special, like Tweek's is great, but not the best.

Tweek: similiar to Timmy, he gets a speed boost and deals strong damage to enemies he touches.

- Great overall damage. Does weak damage, but his speed stats helps him move around the board faster, though his special is lacking.

Pip: Deals massive damage to near by targets in a short range.

- Best damage character. Balanced stats, and best special in game in terms of damage. Moves faster than Jimmy's special.

Professor Chaos: Professor Chaos calls bolts of lightning down on the screen, dealing massive damage to all enemies.

-Worst speed, but all his other stats are maxed. Professo Chaos' Charged Snowball attack is extremely devastating, capable of defeating all but the toughest foes in 1-2 tosses.


Adding onto my previous post, the hardest achievement seems to be MANBEARPIG! which must be done on Insane difficulty of Mountain Pass (stage 10) with no towers. I have looked over the list of characters and made it to round 3 with these combos, before losing to the final wave itself.

Red, Kyle, Craig, Jimmy

Red has the best damage it seems in term of rapid fire, and mixing her with Kyle makes her tremendously strong. Her area attack helps soften enemies as Craig can slow the train and feed them to Jimmy. I found the level is easier if you build horizontally.

Stan, Craig, Jimmy, Pip

This strategy requires more of brute force. Jimmy/Pip has the best area damage, Craig help with support by slowing, and Stan can heal the town should damage occur, thus keeping you in the fight.


Professor Chaos Additional:

Professor Chaos was given out as a unlock code for the season 13 Part 2 Alien hunt challenge. Professor Chaos and Butters are playable in the same game, and each have their own phrases and do not interact with eachother... though on Butter's House it is funny to see a max of 2 Professor Chaos and Butters in the level.

Professor Chaos lacks in speed but has the best stats all around, with the best charge attack in game. His special is a gamble, as you must decide using rapid fire attacks to get your special fast, or rely on his charged attack to pick off enemies coming in.

Professor Chaos works best with Kyle's special, as his charges can be rapidly thrown. (this is a given).
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Re: South Park: LGTDP discussion

Postby ShaneHaughey » Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:14 am

I have only now just purchased the game, have been playing for about an hour. Sadly, I do this alone. This has, however, given me a unique experience. I must also say that since I have just started playing, I do not have everyone. Heck, I haven't beat the game yet so I can only discuss the main four. (Just started the Docks)

Stan's ability becomes much more valuable when you're alone. Your first time through, he is important because you won't know what to do exactly. You will make mistakes and mobs will get through. His ability keeps you in the game. His stats are average.

At first, Kyle seems terrible. Then you actually get to see what happens when his ability is used and it becomes a game changer.

Kenny has great stats and a good ability, but is really useful once Kyle uses his ability. Then he becomes a badass.

Cartman has a good ability and some prett decent stats. Pretty nice.

I have unlocked everyone up to Tweek, can't wait to use them. What I did notice is that everyone except for Cartman seems to share one of three statlines. It sort of takes the joy out of unlocking characters when Stan, Butters, Jimmy, and Clyde have the same stats.
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Re: South Park: LGTDP discussion

Postby RandomPicklez » Fri Oct 30, 2009 8:30 pm

I finished this a couple weeks ago, and it was awesome. Not the best game on the Xbox Arcade (I think the best one is Shadow Complex), but it's pretty fun. Oh, and I loved the plot twist near the end. The cutscene before the final boss had me in stitches, especially all of the 4th wall jokes.

I need just three more achievements: The Ungroundable, Look for Treasure, and ManBearPig. I will start on getting The Ungroundable right now I guess.
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Re: South Park: LGTDP discussion

Postby HAcoreRD » Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:46 am

Professor Chaos information added
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Re: South Park: LGTDP discussion

Postby Zyuwnai » Fri Dec 18, 2009 6:57 pm

I think they should add other secret characters to it eventually, like the Coon and Mysterion(once his identity is revealed) and even though he's a boss Genreal Disarrey, oh and the Mole from the movie. Maybe even more levels eventually to, with like 99 waves of foes. Its just a thought though.

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