South Park next new game ideas and suggestions

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South Park next new game ideas and suggestions

Postby deadman626 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:46 pm

My ideas and suggestions for the next game:

--- Story

---After concluding the events of "South Park: The Fractured but Whole" and all its DLCs we move on months or years later, the New Kid and the people of South Park are all enjoying happy fun day in South Park but at night, South Park was suddenly surprised attacked by an unknown group of soldiers or mercenaries later found out that it was AFA (American Family Association) a Neo Christian group that hates South Park and it's people, they also wonted to get the New Kid and his parents so they can use the machine they had to steal there powers of making tons of FaceBook friends and Instagram followers so they can influence them into becoming good christians whether they like it or not and turning the
whole world the same way, after catching the New Kid and his parents they took their powers leaving them powerless and then locking them up in there AFA privately owned prison with the rest of the people of South Park as they all looked helplessly at there mountain town getting destroyed by the AFA, but what they did'nt know is that the New Kid still has his fart powers from South Park the fractured but whole with him but time is running out for him because he stopped taking the medicine that gives him really bad farts so he has to use them quickly to free Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick and otheres before you're gone for good, after escaping prison with the other kids they needed to find a safe place to hide, Eric Cartman tells them about a secret huge abandoned underground bunker somewhere in the destroyed South Park that he found long ago so they can use
it to hide, after finding it resting safely inside the kids started arguing with each other on what to do next, getting nowhere with each other the New Kid finally talked and told them to shut the hell up and listen to what I have to say, he gave a long motivational speech after that the kid starting working together using the bunker as a secret base of operations to strike back against AFA.

--A Story about the New Kid starting from scratch again but this time with no farts, he and his friends have to travel all across America Canada and even Mexico using the bunkers underground train system to learn new powers and skills and recruit people into their private army to help them fight the AFA and to help them rescue their friends and families and rebuild South Park.

--- Gameplay

-improve RPG gameplay mechanics

Make the game bigger then the stick of truth and the fractured but whole
Would love to see the town of south a lot bigger would like to the whole town south park a lot more opened for example be able if your over Stan's house then you can explore everything at his house from the top to button even in the go into everyone's backyard or even looking into their closets, going into basements etc, if your over your own house then you can explore right through your house instead of blocking the area and if your at the school then you can explore right through the school, the only time when some parts are going to is either you have not unlocked an ability, key or you have to get through a part of the story to unlock the area, also if you get through the area then make it that you can go back to the area anytime like to collect things or even explore you want instead of blocking it.

-Make the game longer
The longer the better.

-More characters old and new
There are a lot of characters that deserve to make a comeback from the franchise both old and new, I would like to see some old familiar faces like Pip, Christophe(Ze Mole), Gregory, Sally Darson, Tammy Warner, Starven Marvin, Trent Boyett, Veronica Crabtree and a lot more that have appeared in south park universe.

-More Side quests
Like I said the more the better.

-More Collectables
The more the better, the next one we can collect anything that has appeared in the south park universe like chinpokomon, memberberries, mega mans and a lot more

-Addional Hunts
A newcomer to the series that is separate to side quests and story, but you hunt down and battle a certain species that has appeared in the south park universe like Schuzzle butt, the jew cow and more, also it should require level like if your a level five then you can only do level five hunts or under also hunts you should be able to get paid money and also be able to go back to them anytime, plus they should be separated from story and side quests, like the story missions are blue, side quests are green and additional hunts are yellow for example.

I want to see this being added on the next, I want to see something like you pick sides, for example, you see Craig beating up and you decide to help Craig out instead of Butters, Craig will be a lot friendlier to your character if you have joined the faction he is in, but if your in the faction that Butters and your on a mission during the story he will be very hostile, also depending on the character every character will react differently on situations some might forgive you, some of them might take some time and some there will be no coming back, also maybe give players a warning before they make the decsion.

-Gender, religeon, sexual orientation and skin colour should be on create a character at the begining
Would like to see it being added in the create a character instead of being as a mission, but you should be able to change them anytime throughout the game, like for example at Mr Macky's office you can change your gender or sexual orientation, PC principal you can change nationality or the colour of your skin that you identify as and you can change your religeon with father Maxi.

-Having a weight slider on create a character
Would like to see this getting added on the game so you can have a choice on making your character fat(you can change the weight later like during the game like at a hospital to make your character fat or skinny.

A fun thing you can call them mini games if you want and can do it to kill some that is not battling.

-Online Multiplayer(both online and local if you have a nintendo switch)
Not related to stroy or the side quests that are offline, online you will be able to meet or play with fellow south park fans like going on quests together, battling each other, explore south park together and play activities together, you can even play mini-games together, even vist each others houses(you can decorate your house or even add new objects offline that will appear online).

-Other characters should be able to learn new moves once your character levels up
Ok this was a problem with the fractured but whole you can't get new moveset or even make them stronger once your character levels up, I would like to see in the next one is to edit there movesets like Cartman's for example, ultimates can be changed espially to that character, like for example if you don't like a certain moveset and want to change it to something else you can, also if your character levels up the other characters like Cartman will be stronger with you.

I think that is about it.
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Re: South Park next new game ideas and suggestions

Postby JamesPolo » Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:26 pm

What about an augmented South Park video game? Its worked well with Pokémon Go. I guess it would turn all towns into the town of South Park and have characters randomly spawn at all locations or at special ones. You could create a new kid avatar that other players can see. There would have to be like quests to do or something. So like built off like parks and areas that are okay to have people playing augmented games at there could be challenges of some kind. They can be from plots and events from the show. And you could make it like a fighting game too and have it where people level up and have a class I guess. There could be like a challenge that is all players verse each other or there could be a couple of team you get to be on. It would have the player pick a new team every month so people can switch up. There can be awards to earn and things like that.
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Re: South Park next new game ideas and suggestions

Postby JVM » Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:55 am

I've had an idea in my head I've really liked, where the first portion of the game has no obvious running storyline. After the events of the last role-playing game, the kids throughout the neighborhood are in disagreement over what to play and everyone is trying to do their own thing. The New Kid is free to explore town once again, with each set of kids playing their own game and offering their own quest with rewards -- for example, David and Kenny are playing ninjas again, while Wendy and Bebe have an espionage-themed quest involving recovering a rumor-filled diary, Jimmy and Dougie need help with an investigative undercover report, and Bill and Fosse have a brief gynecologist minigame. (I have more of these in a doc somewhere.) The player has the freedom to complete these earlier quests in nearly any order, with a few more locked out.

Of course, the quests would eventually come back to a character who has intentionally conspired to drive the children apart for nefarious reasons, with the New Kid becoming unwittingly entangled in a much larger conflict in the process, per classic South Park fashion, featuring the return of the government agency from the first game.

New locations would include Hell's Pass Hospital, Whistlin' Willie's, Tele's Electronics, the PC Frat House, Juvenile Hall, and Hell itself, with expansions for Denkins' Ranch, City Wok, the Genetics Ranch, City Hall, the Police Station even more, and Shady Acres.
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Re: South Park next new game ideas and suggestions

Postby SPKA2002 » Sun Jan 16, 2022 5:53 am

I love that idea

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