Blue print Kyle and the nurses

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Blue print Kyle and the nurses

Postby southparkonpills » Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:57 pm

Cartman goes to hospital for a routine health check up with Dr Lars most of what happens is left up to the viewer’s imagination. Cartman walks out in a zombie like fashion mimicking lars behaviour. German newspaper is left in the background (in the hospital waiting room) Cartman looks at it but is in too much shock to take it in saying Dr lars is wanted for molestation and rape charges over in germany.

Kyle is playing an American Football game and ends up breaking his arm & has to go to the hospital with mother and father. After long talks with the staff they say kyle has to get an operation. The nurse instructs kyle that he has to remove all clothing and put on a gown. His mother also has to a sign form saying they will have to put things up his anus if they assume it stops working during the operation (she happily signs as he is in good oreo german hands as she eats the biscuit offered.)
After the operation kyle is a bit molested as the nurse don’t understand where the foreskin is. Then the female nurses get all horny and the brunette decides to ride him whilst he is dazed after the operation she remembers to put the durex condom on him. Then the blonde bit fed up and fat thinks it is ok to put kyle in her ass. She also needs the toilet and decides to go with the Australian idea of “poo on you.” The brunette leslie thinks it was terrible what caroline has done and has to use iodine to clean the “poo on you” mess up. She also makes kyle have a shower the following day to clean up the dna evidence. He also is told to play, Nintendo just to help get over of his ordeal.

The nurse celebrates on kyle departure from the hospital as they are in the clear. Couple weeks later kyle gets the swiss plate removed and has an odd feelingpain up his ass which makes him feel he needs, to buy a italien pizza that is being discontinued.

Stan being worried for Kyle and who has not seen him for ages wants to get in contact with him.

Cartman is being controlled by lars and is convinced he needs to turn kyle into the believer and has a picture of his actor Ryan Gosling on his wall. He has also bribed border guards to let crazy Israeli women who have had mid east abuse into south park.

Kyle resting up at home constantly is having horrible nightmares made worsened by crazy israeli girls talking outside his house about how they carry out their own sexual torture making him way more scared and basically fuelling sexual assault. He is unable to handle this and phones up stan during the night.
Stan says “i heard you have had 2 operations how are you feeling.”

Kyle says he’s in pain but a bit better after playing on his Nintendo.

Stan “I am sorry it was so bad you get better soon kyle.”
Stan goes to kyles house and decides to get kyle to watch the Ghostbusters film. Kyle being really scared says they might kill him. Stan goes on who are they... then Kyle starts to remember that it was the nurse after his operation. Kyle replies “I don’t want to talk about what happens to me and the nurse’s stays at the hospital.”

Somehow cartman is able to control the crazy Israeli girls by buying food and planting it around kyles house. Stan soon puts an end to this. Officer Barbrady sees Lars abusing some patient in the parking lot and ends up opening fire and killing nurse lars. Patient is left puking up and feeling ill and will never be the same again. Stan and kyle watch the news report and are shocked at what has happened. Stan has realised kyle has had a similar problem but is unsure what to do so they end up playing call of duty which is used to make them dissociate what has happened.

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