Where does Cartman's Antisemitism come from?

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Where does Cartman's Antisemitism come from?

Postby djdomain » Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:19 am

I like when episodes look into why certain characters are the way that they are, and a lot of them have centered around Cartman.

"Tsst" shows that his mother has always been an enabler and explains his sense of entitlement.
"Scott Tenorman must Die" shows how petty and sociopathic he is.
"Breast Cancer Show Ever" and "Fishsticks" show how insecure his ego is, manipulating his own interpretation and memory of events to portray himself more highly.

However there hasn't been any indication as to where he inherited his anti-semitic beliefs. "Pre-School" shows that he was already giving Kyle crap for being a Jew when they were in kindergarten so he to have been influenced when he was really young. I believe that bigotry comes from either A) Negative interactions from someone of a certain creed thus creating resentment, or B) Indoctrination from someone close who has bigoted beliefs.

I doubt Cartman has ever had a bad experience with someone jewish in regards to A, so I'd suspect someone in his family indoctrinating him. However we have never seen Mrs Cartman expressing any kind of antisemitism, and whilst his extended family does share similar mannerisms, they have never been seen saying anything antisemitic in the show.

Any ideas on who could have influenced him?
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Re: Where does Cartman's Antisemitism come from?

Postby Big-Will » Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:45 am

Oh, that kind of question. AFAIK, there's no family history of anti-Semitism in the Cartman or Tenorman families that could turn out someone like Eric Cartman. But then, I have a nephew who seems genuinely interested in Jewish affairs even though none of us family members are Jews in any sense of the word.

But when Matt and Trey were giving the boys their identities, they made Cartman the one who would say whatever came to his mind, which is often stuff no one else would dare say. They modeled Cartman after All In The Family's Archie Bunker, who was pretty anti-Semitic himself.
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