Episode 109 Did you notice

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Episode 109 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:47 am

Episode 109: Starvin' Marvin (The Thanksgiving Special)
-"My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?" Is one of the last quotes from CHRIST as he died on the cross. (Different Bibles have slight variations, I'm sure.) This is what Cartman misquoted as he 'starved in the desert. This line was also apparently used in the movie Jesus Christ, Superstar.
-Kyle was eating ham, but he's Jewish.
-The board in class reads: Analogy & Comparison 1. Trees are to raisons as Buildings are to houses 2.David Duchovny is to tampons as Nougats are to chocolate
-The argument between Wendy and Cartman is directly from A Christmas Carol
-What's an Ethiopian doing with a suitcase?
-The stickers read: GB (Packer fan?) AJA Club Med
-The second board reads: ___?___, Beeforama, Spam, Creamed Corn, Sausages, Broccoli Florets in Mango ___?___, Pork. How did he write on a broken board anyway?
-All the animals in the Genetic lab are upside down.
-From the bag, Cartman yells: "I'll kick you in the nuts" and "guy's, seriously, you're pissing me off"
-Ned was shooting a gun even though he gave them up in "Volcano"
-In the 14th part of the Terrance and Phillip Thanksgiving special,the Indians have i's on their shirts.
-Marvin has a pot pie while watching TV.
-The obvious Braveheart Battle scene parody
-Mr. Hat has a little butcher knife
-The veil roll ups look like phalluses with cow heads
-Ike beheads a Turkey
- "Every Turkey dies, but not every turkey truly lives" is another Braveheart Parody
-Sparky is chasing a dog in front of Kenny's, Sylvester is there too?
-Kenny's house looks a lot like Stan's, Kyle's and Cartman's -The 2nd time they were in class all the "N"s on the board were backwards (this may be a reference to the band KoRN or Nine Inch Nails because they spell their names on their logos with letters backwards (Ko%N, and l\l I l/l), and when the camera was zoomed in on Mr. Garrison, the top word that was visible was "Corl/l". So, how many of you are Ko%N and l\l I l/l fans?!?
-There were some subtle references to the movie E-T.
-Starvin' Marvin looked a ton like the alien in the movie (at least from the side). Marvin's arrival led to bad news for Cartman much like Elliot got in trouble thanks to E-T. Also, Marvin began to act like Cartman the same way E-T began to act like Elliot after a while.
-(you'd have to be blind and deaf to notice these) There was a $#!+-load of references to past episodes in the show.
-Cartman treated Starvin' Marvin much the same as he treated his cat in "...Anal Probe".
-The reaction of the class to Marvin was an exact duplicate of their reaction to pot-bellied elephants in"An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig".
-Kenny's dad looked nothing like when he was killed in "Death".
-The Johnson guy from "Pink Eye" (he jumped out from behind Chef's bushes) makes a split-second cameo appearance (in living form) in the background at the Thanksgiving festival (when they're all leaving).

-When the episode switched to "Braveheart Mode", the screen was letterboxed.
-The couple that got mauled by turkeys at Stark's Pond in the beginning of the episode are back in the battle scene.
-In the end of the episode, there's a kid sitting at the McCormick's' table. Was it Kenny, or was it his brother? If it wasn't Kenny, then it'd be cool to hear him talk, especially if he's as perverted as Kenny.

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