Episode 202 Did you notice

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Episode 202 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:26 am

Episode 202: Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut
-The question is answered...Kenny returns (although quite subtlely). He also (quite clearly) says, "Oh my god, they killed Mephesto!"...not his usual job!
-There are some references/parodies to other movies/TV shows:
-Jurassic Park...the Backup Generator and the Velociraptors -Alive...Cannibalism to stay alive
-The song "Come Sail Away" was a song by the 80's band Styx
-The visitor is back again in Mephesto's lab at the beginning of the show standing between Mr. Garrison and Chief Running Water
-The Broncos Team is now refered to as only the "1991 Broncos". However, they are not in the room at the beginning of the show (and never show up except when mentioned)
-When everyone finds out that Ms. Cartman has a penis, everyone EXCEPT Mr. Garrison, Jimbo, the visitor, Chief Running Water, the 1991 Denver Broncos, and Kyle's dad
-"America's Most Wanted" is not broadcasted live
-Ms. Cartman would actually be in her 32nd "trimester" (4 trimesters per year times 8 years)...not the 40th
-Mr. Garrison reaches for the director when he makes a homosexual comment as they realize they're trapped
-The rats are frozen to Kenny this time rather than attacking him
-Several comments about the Terrence and Philip episode are made, but nobody would have known about it since everything that happened was supposed to be a continual stream of events
-For the first time we find out Mephisto's first name...Alphonse -Chef didn't sing in this episode
-Scientific Fact: Hermaphodites are actually sterile (Ms. Cartman couldn't be the mother or father)
-On the hospital blueprints, South and East are reversed on the compass
-For all of the men that Ms. Cartman has slept with, not a single one noticed her "dual" prowess. Also, the boys and Chef did not see it in "Crack Whore" magazine.
-At one point in the show, you can hear the song "Ave Maria" playing in the background. The song was by Franz Schubert, and performed by Aaron Neville (the song was also featured in the movie Alive)
-There seem to be quite a few points when the snow is supposed the be falling heavily, but the roads are still clear and we can still see some green grass
-Continuity error: Mephisto is shot at night, Chef drives to the hospital at night, the adults talk to the mayor at night, Mrs. Cartman goes to the clinic DURING THE DAY, and Chef arrives at the hospital at night.
-To paraphrase Cartman, this felt like the longest night of my life. The hospital thread seems to take place all in the span of one night. However, Sid Greenfield is able to travel from LA to South Park, produce, direct and broadcast a re-enactment in approximately the same time it takes Chef to drive to Devil's Pass Hospital. And Mrs. Cartman is able to meet and sleep with at least three prominent politicians in the same span of time.
-There were at least 30 people in the studio during the "America's Most Wanted" broadcast, including cast, crew and audience. After the blizzard, only 7 emerge (Barbrady, Jimbo, Ned, the Mayor, Garrison, and the camera and sound men from AMW). Assuming their ordeal began with a live prime-time broadcast, and ended soon after sun-up, that makes 23 people consumed in a span of approximately 12 hours (with leftovers, of course)

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