Episode 210 Did you notice

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Episode 210 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:58 am

Episode 210: Chicken Pox
-Kenny's brother's name is "Kevin"
-Even though his family is so poor, Kenny apparently has the "luxury" of having a "Clapper" in his room
-In the end of the show, when all four kids are in hospital beds, Kenny dies when he flatlines. However, when the shot pulls back to all four beds, Kenny's heart monitor still shows signs of life
-The decal on Stuart's (Kenny's dad) truck says "Know Fear" -The doctor's nametag says "Dr. Doctor"
-In Episode #202, Stan says that he can't stand being in hospitals, yet he doesn't seem bothered at all in this episode
-Kenny has swim suit model posters in his bedroom
-Kenny's house is on the other side of the train tracks. In other words, a joke in reference to people saying that someone lives on "the wrong side of the tracks"
-Cartman only needs seven bottles of Calymine lotion to fill an entire bathtub
-The song playing when Frieta is giving Herpes to everyone's parents is "I'm a Believer" by the Monkees
-If you watch closely, Frieta takes the milk out of the fridge, drinks it all, then spits it all back into the bottle before putting it away
) -The song that Cartman was singing on the way over to and inside Kenny's house was "In the Ghetto" by Elvis
-When only Kyle is in the classroom with Mr. Garrison, there is a poster on the back wall of Trey Parker's first film, "American History"
-In Kenny's front yard there is: old fridge, sofa, car engine, beer bottles, lamp (shadeless), empty penzoil bottle
-In Kenny's Living Room = car engine on coffee table, PILSNER BEER neon on wall, 5 empty bottles, rat under TV
-The show that Shelly wanted to watch while in the hospital was called "PASSION CRAMPS"
-Everyone's house addresses were same as previous episodes: Chef = 10465, Kyle = 1002, Cartman = 28201, Stan = 2001, Kenny = no number

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