I want a Revin (Red/Kevin) episode!!!

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I want a Revin (Red/Kevin) episode!!!

Postby the1forgotten17boy02 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:31 pm

Hello all South Park fans,

I'd like to say a few things first before I cut to the chase (not that you would care :P):

1. I just joined South Park Studios today, and have been lingering around for a period of time as I guest who hasn't spoken up, which is why I am typing out numbers 2 and 3.

2. I temporarily stopped watching South Park after the first seven episodes of season 16, and regained interest during the spring months, after season 19 finished airing, so I can't say I'm the brightest light in the shed when it comes to South Park. At all :(

3. While I am really fond of South Park's social commentary and humor, the shipping fandom also caught my attention at some point because of one particular pairing between these two minor characters that me making a thread like this after joining South Park Studios just makes me sound instantly pathetic, and in some way, not a real 'fan' (I just mentioned one pairing...).

Season 20 has just started, and has continued season 19's 'continuation' trend (to be fair though, this isn't the first time continuation has been used from the series, at least from the top of my head; it isn't a fresh new idea lol). So far, the presidential campaign and the skankhunt42 plots have already been moving along for 3 episodes, and I am predicting a tie-in to FBT (to clarify, I am speculating that Mysterion has discovered skankhunt42's identity). But I want to see season 20 make its own "Tweek x Craig" episode.

I'm not talking about actually focusing on Craig and Tweek again. When I say season 20 needs its "Tweek x Craig", I want an episode that temporarily derives itself from the main plotlines of the season while still being connected like "Tweek x Craig" did, especially given Revin's canonization in the episode prior to the previous.

Agh...why am I even typing all of this out?! In my opinion, it's highly unlikely (heck even impossible) that Kevin, not even Red, will even gain an inch of a spotlight at all for the rest of season 20, because the background characters are all criminally underused, and at this point they probably wouldn't fit into the storyline. Also, I don't even remember Red speaking on her own in the first two episodes, and we got a good amount of Heiman (Heidi x Cartman) last week, making it highly unlikely that Red and Kevin will have an episode dedicated to one, the other, or each other anytime soon. But I'm just desperately hoping that characters like Red or Kevin will get at least one major role at some point, especially after Revin's canonization in "Skank Hunt" which definitely means these two characters haven't been forgotten at all.

I know this is not going to happen, so go ahead and tell me to f*ck off. The writers just want to make this show, and focus on the comedic aspects rather than the romantic aspects. It's just...I would just like some thoughts on having an episode dedicated to these characters! I know characters like Cartman, Randy, and Butters can be considered the 'hearts of the show' and you want to see them more than "pointless" characters like Red or Kevin, so what?! The girls have been gaining more prominence this season, but Red hasn't had any individual lines since season 18's "The Cissy" even though her role has been gradually growing but has never played a major role, and Kevin Stoley has only had one major role, dating back to season 13's "Fatbeard". To be fair though, Red should be back soon as this season is giving the girls some more attention, and Heidi especially has gained more prominence thanks to the latest episodes. As for Kevin, oh as much as I love him in his Star Wars fanboy glory I am losing hope for Kevin to get the attention he needs just as much for so long.

Please kindly respond to this thread! And a shoutout to JVM, who pretty much made me a diehard Revin shipper in the first place, even though I have pretty much invisible in the fandom for so long. I'm pretty sure this thread will be mostly irrelevant in the eyes of avid South Park fans, but what the heck I'm posting it anyway because I love Revin so very much :)... agh this is pointless.

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