Scott the Dick, the royal Canadian family and the new... dead President of Canada

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Scott the Dick, the royal Canadian family and the new... dead President of Canada

Postby LWBMatt » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:09 am

So in multiple episodes in the past, it's been established that Canada has a royal family and all sorts of locations and characters such as the Mushroom People of Nova Scotia, Celine Dion and the Duke of Vancouver, and a lot of others.

But what interests me is that the royal Canadian family was somehow pushed aside for Canadian Trump.

The big question is, if Scott the Dick, aka Canada's biggest patriot was there, what would you think he would have done in the episode?

I'd think he would've been torn apart with supporting the new Canadian president and his beliefs which caused other Canadians to lose patriotism and move to America or to support the royal family and all of his fellow Canadians. Honestly, I feel that it would've been like the Principal Victoria plot from the end of Season 19, with Scott, Terrance and Phillip, the Queef Sisters (maybe?) and the Prince and Princess of Canada being part of a secret underground resistance group who were about to launch their attack against the president.... until Garrison f*cked him to death and ruined everything. Scott would probably be some sort of Chosen One even though he doesn't want to and constantly gets farted and queefed on.

Sometime, I hope they'd make a Canadian Hell episode, with Beelzabot, Stephen Abootman (... wasn't he the guy who jumped onto a train track in Royal Pudding or no? Either way, he could've still died on the iceberg, either from starvation or being eaten alive by his lackeys. Or drowning. Or polar bear attacks if that could happen... or being buttprobed by aliens but dying due to a malfunction because the probe couldn't work in his blocky body and only a Canadalien probe would've worked. Or being killed by Manbearpig. Who cares.) Anyway, back to the Canadian Hell-isode, Beelzaboot, Stephen Abootman, and the Canadian President welcome Saddam Hussein to their group dedicated to taking over Canada. Yay?

How about you, though? What do YOU think would have happened to the other Canadians? - my deviantART

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