Fan Episode--- 2 Bills

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Fan Episode--- 2 Bills

Postby Joe_Reda2000 » Sun Dec 18, 2016 9:15 pm

Scene 1:
Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby are sitting on a park bench smoking cigars and talking about the women troubles they have. The decide they need to change their ways and team up to create a charitable organization that will help young college women that can no longer afford to pay for classes.

Months pass and the charitable work they are doing has turned around the bad images as predators of women. They even receive praise from the National Organization of Women (NOW).

(Scene cuts to William (Bill) Shatner at his home)
William Shatner sees the press coverage and publicity the 2 Bills are receiving and goes off into a fit of rage smashing a coffee cup and lamp because he wants to be a part of the spotlight and publicity.

Scene 2:

(The boys are in class and receive grades from their last test)

Butters fails another test and Mr. Garrison suggests he gets a tutor or he will fail the class. The Boys all laugh.

(Scene cuts to Butters telling his parents he needs a tutor and his parents hire a college girl to help him)

The boys stop over Butters house and see the sexy college student named Amanda and hatch a plan to fail the next test on purpose so they can get tutors also.

Scene 3:

The 2 Bills stop in South Park on their Nation wide tour of helping College women. They rent out a mansion for 3 weeks. The Bills learn of Amanda and how she is tutoring anyone she can to try to make enough money for tuition. They decide she is worthy of receiving their scholarship. They extend an invitation for her to come to the mansion late on evening.

The next day Amanda's body is found in a dumpster downtown. Police do an autopsy and determine she had been roofied and violated with a cigar.

Scene 4:

Butters get a new tutor, and so do the boys, minus Kenny ( Cartman yells, because your poor!). Turns out the tutors all know each other since they are from the same college and are all struggling to pay the tuition. Each of the girls get an invitation to the mansion and 2 decide to go. Butters tutor is one of the two that go.

Scene 5:

The next morning their 2 bodies are found in the street outside the mansion. Police investigate and the Autopsy determines they also were drugged and violated with cigars. FBI / NCIS / CSI (or what ever police show you want to parody) arrives in South Park to investigate. They quickly arrive at the premise Butters and Kenny are working with the 2 Bills and killing the women. (Kenny did it because he was mad he could not have a tutor and Butters did it because?)

The Bills get a court date the next week and are convicted of the murders and set to be executed.
Kenny gets killed by the police when they raid his home to arrest him ( He's got a gun shouts a cop, then Kenny gets shot...You bastards! you killed Kenny!)
Butters is arrested and tried but found innocent because he was in a psych ward getting treatment for the stress of having the first tutor killed, so he had an alibi and is cleared.

Scene 6:

The Boys are sitting at Cartman's watching TV and see the press conference.
Bill Shatner gives a press conference in South Park saying he is disgusted with Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby for doing what they did to the women, but that he also likes the idea of the Charitable organization and will take it over and continue its work helping disadvantaged college women. The nation applauds him for stepping up in a time of crisis.

He sends an invitation to another college girl in South Park to come over to the mansion. He offers her a full scholarship if she can help him with some cleaning and taking out the trash. She agrees and he gives her a bag with pills in a bottle and a half empty box of cigars and tells her "I don't need these anymore, please take these to the dump".

As she leaves Bill Shatner has a thought bubble over his head and he is reliving drugging and killing the women.

Roll credits.

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