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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Oct 30, 2016 2:40 am

The Peopling of Earth
This is the story that starts with Adam and Eve. They were chilling in I guess this was around Israel and so they started to eat the wrong things. That is it that the snake appeared and was really a Jew. So this shows that from the start of the contact between real humans and Jews were a problem. It was that the snaky Jews realized that humans were so great that they started to make sure the force themselves to evolve into humans. Later all humans that came from Adam and Eve still couldn’t stand the Jew. Who had evolved into human like beings but people could still tell the difference because of how greedy and conniving they are. It was this that led to all the humans to start to migrate all throughout the earth to get away from the purge of the Jews. This can be a fun Cartman book reading to kids at a bible school.

Dino Brain
This is a weird thing. So what about how the brain is scanned and a computer dino is created that thinks but is AI. It can be that the dinosaurs were real smart and people never knew it. So now this dino brain is up to recreating the dinosaurs and to have them retake their rightful place on earth. It can know of all science as Dino’s were 100 times smarter than any human is today. So he knows after accessing the internet how to trick humans into recreating the dinosaurs. They can think they are getting an amusement park like Jurassic Park. This can involve the dino creating a new chip that helps people be as smart as a dino that is implanted into the brain. This is also used to have people slave away for the dinos.

Drug Wars Revised
So I read last week that if California legalizes marijuana that the reverse will happen and that people will be smuggling pot into Mexico from Cali and not the opposite like that has been happening. So this can have people of Colorado also seeing how they now can make money smuggling drugs into Mexico. It can deal with their states legalization of pot. It can have the Americans act like filthy Mexicans whose lives are worthless and that anyone in Mexico’s life is worth much more. It can have drug kingpins all smug and in a Godfather meeting of all the families and then the news from Hector is that the USA legalized pot. All the kingpins are all sad as no more money. So now they say how their pot is sh*t kilo shwag garbage and they need that good US kind bud. So this will later show the kingpins using US weed as it is smuggled into Mexico. So now in the US there are dozens of people just killed and dumped in the streets and like any of the crime that happens in Mexico.

Virtual Reality Rape
So I read about this and it is kind of stupid. It is like that someone in a VR touches in the game. You can’t feel it but can see it. I know this has kind of been done with Vindaloop.

Joke On Latino Americans
So I’m thinking of a scene where an Italian man hands his own sh*t to a Latino. The Italian tells him “You can have your food back”. This after witnessing how abusive the Latino was to a Spaniard. It was all over him being his Ol’ con queso. It is on how no matter what, all Latinos are always out for blood of anyone who is of Spaniard decent and if you don’t like it and won’t help, they come after you.

The Funny
So, the other day, I was driving to school and there was this kid that was in the street. The kid starts running and looking back to me in my car. He or she or whatever it was had a backpack on too. It was so funny as it was like the kid was running away from me. The kid finally got to a car and got in but it had me laughing. It was kind of like Homer Simpson running away.

The Real 360
So, I swear we all know how Anderson Cooper came up with the name to his TV show ‘Anderson 360’. It was as a privileged young boy so horny and wanting it in the ass, what he loved to do was vacation out. So, he came up with ‘it’. It was that he would fart in the presents of an air conditioner and spins around in it. This had it that the smell would cool and circle the room and he would catch it and then miss it and spin and then a second later the fart had re-circled the room and rate back to his nose.

Michelle’s Obama’s Stain
So, I think I heard somewhere that when Obama’s kids got into AP classes in high school that they had real trouble with doing the homework and plus they are lazy has sh*t. So, Michelle Obama decided to help them and cheated by doing their homework for them. The thing is that she is so f*cking stupid that she couldn’t even do a D’s worth grade with the homework she had her daughters hand in. To make matters worse it was revealed by the daughters out of embarrassment of how sh*tty the work had been done that their mother had done it. The teacher along with all the other students couldn’t believe how stupid the first lady is and the Obama family. They had or have families that voted Democratic but gee whiz Michelle is so f*cking stupid. She couldn’t even follow simple instructions.

This is a Stan and Wendy type of episode. This has Wendy and some of the other girls and could be some of the boys hear about spending the summer in Africa watching primates. It costs some money and is helpful for science and gives the kids that go college credits. It was that a guest speaker to the school that told them of his adventures all over the globe and he is hot and a primatologist. It is that Wendy fell for him and got other kids to go on the trip he will be leading to Africa to watch different primates. It has Stan jealous and afraid for Wendy and the other boys are too. It could be that the girls who are going are all dating boys that decide to go to protect them and then Tweak is going so Craig must go to protect him. There can be some scary stuff even though the girls think nothing can happen as the guest speaker lied the whole time. It can be he has a nice trailer while all the kids must sleep in the jungle and in sh*tty locations. It can be that girls though are treated good as he acts like he has the hots for them also. The scary stuff can be like mauling’s like by hand and dragged through a fence. There can be rape of primates raping people and the fear of Aids and other diseases. It can have the vaginas turning all pink which means a female is ready for sex. There can be one primate that has the hots for everyone and at the end rapes and kills the guest speaker. There can be primates throwing rocks and killing people. There can be terrorists like Kony and Boko Harem and Al Shabab. There is primates stealing everything like food and sleeping gear. There is how people must go potty in front of everyone else. It can be the only good thing going for the kids is that there is great Wifi for their laptops.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:11 pm

Since September I have been working on episode ideas for South Park, but I have been quiet about it and haven't posted the ideas online. Ive worked on each episode idea within six days before each Wednesday, should I post them now, even if some ideas aren't very relevant? no ideas have been changed/edited past the deadline date I set for them.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPup » Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:01 am

The Conspiracy Debunked
This can relate to the election. This has a white guy at a grocery store. He must take the abuse of listening to a black man explain how he is under pressure and how his life is worse and how oppressive by whites. He says this to his white girlfriend with several of his kids. He claims that Nazis and the KKK are out to get and al also police as it is everywhere. So, this guy goes to the bathroom to relax and sees that there is graffiti that is white supremacist on the walls while taking a piss. This is when he realizes that the graffiti is the problem. So, he takes out a pen he had in his pocket and gets rid of the white supremacy graffiti and puts in the New Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter. The next week the store is so much different. The black guy ended up acting like a dumb n*gger and fighting with his girlfriend and police and is now in jail. The girlfriend ended up murdering the kids and killed her dirty self. So now the rest of the store is more white and the whites are doing better and it is not ghetto. So, this showed that if you get rid of the excuses people will use to claim marginalized. So now this man goes all around where his help is needed to get rid of signs of white people hating which colored people use to make a gain. Now it is to have the people see that the coloreds are the ones after supremacy and so that will lead to their failure and not ours. Also, there can be an archenemies black man that goes around getting rid of colored supremacy and adding white supremacy.

The Jew By The Lake
There are some rumors that Anthony Weiner had sex with Chelsea Clinton before. It all started with a sexy encounter at the Clinton’s lake cabin after Bill was reelected. Chelsea was 15 and wanted to have some freedom and chat on the phone while massaging her vagina and binge watching teen movies like Scream. That is when Anthony Weiner and his faithful big dicked dog after hearing that a young white virgin was all alone burst and flooded into the cabin. Within moments Chelsea knew what was happening and dug it. So now just picture lots of longing a young tween virgin has and how a filthy Jew is and that is how much and frequent the two had sex over a weeks’ time. That is when Bill and Hillary after the week was up popped up into the cabin to liberate Chelsea from her boredom. But the place reeked of sex and there was ejaculate all over the place. There can be where Bill just knows but Hillary being as naïve as she is doesn’t get it. There are what are you doing here as everyone tries to understand but Anthony has a story for everything and the dirty scene. Chelsea is all beat up like her vagina was and was still having a 30 second orgasm from the dog under a blanket that was oh just so wet. So, this can all be in emails that the FBI have gotten from the Weiner PC’s between Anthony and Chelsea. So now the FBI must tell this story to the whole of America as Hillary has stated the needs to be done so people know the truth. BU the thing is naïve Hillary didn’t realize her daughter had raunchy underage sex with an adult Jew that would cause her to lose the presidency of the USA.

The Bliss Of Barbrady
There is a secret in the town of South Park Colorado. It goes straight to the mayor and then all the way to the FBI and the president himself. It is that somehow Barbrady had a moment, a prolific moment, a religious moment. It was during a town meeting where he was under pressure. They were all questioning why the hell to they keep Barbrady on and how he is useless and does nothing to help in the field of law enforcement. That is when he started to scream and rose out of his chair. Light starts to emanate out of his eyes and he starts to float and hover in the room. This is when he starts to talk saying he is a messenger from dog. He tells of the location and whereabouts of every America’s Most Wanted on the FBI’s top ten list. The people at the meeting are taken back and some don’t believe it but Mayor could tell that this is just the kind of sh*t we should have expected from Babrady. Mayor has someone write it all down and the notes are emailed to the FBI. The notes proved to be true and so the town gets granted like $300 million. So now all the people that were in that room but Barbrady are rich and spending it. It is that Barbrady can’t remember what happened. So now the town politicians try to recreate the scene to get Barbrady to do it again to make more money.

A Mouth Too Small
This will have a new doctor in town. He is a doctor/gynecologist. What he does is convinces parents to send the boys to him to get their teeth checked and the girls to get their va jay jays looked at. It is that he has his fingers in every kid mouth in town. There can be jokes like the kids share what happened to them. But it is that both the boys and the girls don’t know that each is getting something different looked at. The boys are complaining how the doctor stretched out their lips and hurt their gums. The girls think that weird as they don’t get it but the doctor was weird for them too. They tell of the pains also. It can be that one of the girls had to say she liked the way it felt and it made her mouth water up some. This gets some of the boys to think they could like it too. It can be revealed at the end that the kids were fixed up as the boys couldn’t believe that the doctor had said how hot some of the girl’s mouths were with no teeth and it made the boys not want to have teeth to. So, it would be jokes like this back and forth. To add there can be a question that the doctor asks both the boys and the girls. It is “say what is the weirdest thing you ever put in here”. This is while he is working on their different mouths. He can say it has he claims there is some damage here in the mouth but it seems it will be fine in a few days. This too leads to the girls talking about weird sex stuff they masturbate with and the boys not getting it and putting them in their mouths. Soon the boys are telling the doctor they put mommies vibrating dildo in their mouth for 20 minutes last night because everyone else is doing it. It is that the doctor is a pedo but doesn’t see the connection and confusing between the kids and just thinks all the boys in town are gay. It can end with him saying he loved the young girl’s vaginas but the boys were just so gay there was no enjoyment to be gained working in this town.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby jamespuppolo » Mon Nov 21, 2016 3:58 am

Gay Mafia
This will dwell into the secret anus of the Gay Mafia. They are the ones up to flooding our media with all the positive LGBTQ news stories and plots in movies and TV show. They are bullying Hollywood and others to have gay characters and themes in everything. They want to turn the world gay and are ‘out’ to do it by any means necessary. This mafia has a hierarchy that can have LGBTQ titles for ranks like with the military and real Italian mob terms are. This can have old characters from the show be used and are in this mob. The episode can deal with the current ‘outing’ of a celebrity and gay character on a TV show. This would need it that people somehow can’t understand how there is so much gay going on. It can get to where people don’t hate gays but people are like “Why is it that everyone is gay now”. It’s too much like the crab people I know but it is like there are forces at work that are making LGBTQ so in the media. The major media fags can be the elite of this mob. I know the member berry but is going that way so this can be in a later season. I will just predict that the media will be flourishing with fag even more than today in the future so doing this will be second nature.

Ancestry DNA
This would have it that the kids get their DNA tested. This can have it that there are fully results like this the commercials like how someone finds out they are something completely different and so they dress up and live a new life based on this. So to do this you have to spit into a vial which an use a cumming into something joke. There can be that the company is lying to people because they are all anti-racists. So, they tell Cartman he is Jewish and they tell Kyle that he is Korean and Stan is black and Kenny is not a mutt but is only of one European nation. It is that the company does homework on people and there is the questionnaire they have people fill out. All of this is used to judge the customer the anti-racist way. This could use the PC people in on this too. It is that the kids and adults all now are like another culture which works to eliminate prejudice. It can have Cartman a broken man as he is now all Jew. It can be Kyle who is the most objective and thinking something is up.

Phallological Museum
This is a real museum in Iceland where it has many penises. There can be a teacher at the school who invites a local artist to show off her sculptures. They can all be of penises and not just human but of many animals. There can be her assistant too that is an aspiring artist who is mentally ill and has been to prison. She owns many dogs and it is apparent by the way she talks that she has sex with them. So they are all in the closet with each other of their bizarre sex fetishes. This would lead to the museum plot which the teacher and two artists bring up. It is that they can then either take the class to Iceland to see the museum. Or they can propose the idea of creating their own museum in town. So, that way the rest of the episode can be about them collecting money to run the place and get donated penises from any living thing on earth. This attracts a lot of attention. So now the whole world thinks of the town of South Park as a bunch of freaks. It also gets many werido penis fans to come to the town to wait to be the first ones and others to help create the museum. There can be the plot of penis hunters. These hunter’s tract down the most elusive and endangered penises and amputate them from the species they are after.

The Alt Right
This movement is growing. So, this can have Garrison be at the center like Trump is and how people of the left are holding Trump guilty of the rise of the alt right. This can have pepe the frog and the Moon Man rapper. I guess there are other white supremacy internet things too to use. It can have how they are now how people act to others. I read how people wear New Balance shoes too and so that can be in this. So, it is that now all whites wear new balance for the big N on them that means Nazi. There must be a ton of not so known things that the white right has.

Cancer Sex The Song
This is a fun idea of I off a friend I had that I think he wanted or got something like this when he was dying of terminal brain cancer. It is that you are all horny and wanting some sex. So, it is like why not now ask for some sex stuff like seeing a girl naked or a BJ? I think the show has had cancer but do it again. Now it will have the main character of this episode dying of cancer. He or she wants to fulfill their dreams. So it can joke on last sex wishes a person would have from friends and peers what before they were too shy to ask for but now can because who gives a sh*t, your dying anyways. So, this would have a great cancer sex song that the character can sing and there can be a special beat that is used. The lyrics can all be different or just some of them as the character asks different kids to perform or do nude stuff for them. It is that people are too shamed to not do it. It was that at first the acts were small like letting me see but then it got weird visit after visit. Also, it can be that the cancer came from drinking too many sports energy drinks that have radiation in them.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby jamespuppolo » Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:47 am

The Red f*ck Balloon
This would have a red sex toy balloon released by the boys or some of them in town. It would have the balloon follow many townspeople around and make them seem gay and dumb as they talk and interreact in town. Like if you were to talk this balloon would be there to gay it up with shapes it could create with itself and sounds it could make from itself. As all the while the person didn’t know it was there f*cking sh*t up, like a dude trying to get his girlfriend back or a girl trying to play off a cheating hook up last night. This could all stem from a sex convention and the balloon keeps following people around after there was a deadly shooting the balloon was implemented in. So, it is like the balloon is a rat too as it can act out people’s inner thoughts and upset others in that party. The balloon can take the shape of sex objects and tell people that it will fulfill the sexual pleasures they are after if they hide the sex balloon from police. So this balloon can be with many main characters parents.

Trump’s Family Banishing From Germany
The Trump family could use a cool reenactment from the past of the family being kicked out of Germany for not signing up for military service and the like. This can use all the Nazi buildup sediment and the like that was about to ejaculate into WWI and WWII. This will have all the records now released as to what Trump/Garrison’s ancestors were up to in Europe. There can be the iconic look of Trump with tan face and weird hair I guess be explained by some sort of serf act that rewarded them and made them look as such. This story can use drinking and sausage eating and gay male prostitutes and other fun jokes of the past of Germany and military service. It can have how the Garrison family blood line is really tied to Adolf Hitler’s blood line too. It can show Trump’s great grandfather out one night to fulfill his duty to do military service and with others but he ran into a snare and got f*cked up his ass by a Jew in exchange for a pint of brew. There can be the joke of Jews being in the way heterosexuality and so feeding the Jewish conspiracy of Jews. This can all feed the leading up to WWI and WWII. It would show that without the Jews Trump/Garrison would have made his service to Germany and without homosexual afternotes.

Recount Ballots Wisconsin
So Helliery is up to this now. She will grab onto anything people put in front of her face. This must be a plan by the Jews of Bernie. This can be fun with the new episode soon. This can be Gerald’s escape and the other trolls. It can have Hillary come forth and say she was set up with setting up Gerald and the other trolls to begin with. I don’t really know where this is headed but it seems to be an epic fail. Still it could be something. If hacking if found yet Gore failed with recounts so this will be so too. It could use the faggish people that respect recounts that are all up their own asses in voice and appearance.

Holocaust On Ice
There was this weird Russian Holocaust skating dance and so we could see this with the show. It would be evidence of Russia not respecting the integrity of Israel and acceptance of the Holocaust and allowing Europe to carry out attacks on Jews. This can be fodder with other plots with Russia. Like with the member berries and Putin skating and craving up dead Jews with his skates as they do a historical reenactment of the Holocaust that is unbelieved but is done with real body parts of the Holocaust. This could go with Trump/Garrison acting of pageants. There can be the whole Ukraine Spiel with Russia also in a song form that is censored by Russia and then at the end we see how Ukrainians gain the upper hand and the song has the same tune but different lyrics that make it against Russia.

Holy Satan
Why the f*ck is it that every time I buy plastic and paper bags that they are crinkled up in the kitchen and put in a corner in there. But this creates the appearance of the devil with his face and some of his body like an imperial seal of Han China. Am I seeing the devil or what. I have seen other recreate the same thing. This can be used as it happens to me like once every 3 years. It can be that a kid is doing to good and so he keeps wondering why but piling on the pile of waste bags from the grocery store. This can deal with the pressure of reusing and buying bags. It can have the Devil about. How it was why things got stuck in the bags and why people in the first place turned on the paper an plastic bag. It was the Devil. This could use the song "a day in the life" from the beetles too. And some Tom Brady. As he struggles to recycle to appeals the god of the mash of plastic and paper in his kitchen corner that is like a demon god that helps him win if he helps it.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby jamespuppolo » Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:53 am

The Great Barrier Reef Kill Off
I’ve always heard of how this reef near Australia is dying off. Maybe it is too environmentalist but why not show the impact there will be if this reef completely dies. I guess water temperate changes and boats hitting it is killing the whole things. There are lots of life that only exists there too. So why not have the whole thing die which we know will happen anyways. This can set off a chain reaction that starts to destroy the whole planet and kill all life region by region. So, it could have a fun comedic chain of areas destroyed and so this can exclude important ones that the show needs. So just have the places no one cares about or that no TV show or movie ever really has on it or areas people don’t like. This can have some of the kids at the reef or have the kids learning about it in school and then the badness happens. There can be a way to fix things like create a new reef out of something stupid like trash and things people don’t like. You would have to get creative some.

Worm DNA ... s-DNA.html
Lots of movies have had this idea where DNA from something is used with humans. So, I guess that can be done with South Park characters to create a healing factor. That can also turn people into a worm/human. I idea seems to need fishing too where worm people are used a bait to catch fish. There can be people that are hated that are in politics or celebrities that can afford the healing factor. So, they are all putting people down now and killing themselves but healing. They can be all strong now too. This can joke on Hugh Jackman and how he does it so he can be like the real Wolverine. So, this can have the people turn into worms. They can then burrow deep underground and they all meet where they plot to take over the world. Still this can end with them all being used on the end of a hook to catch fish and because they heal and never die they are used again and again.

Eva Porn ... -home.html
This can be fun. A lot of people want this as it is a Neo Nazis wet dream. I can see it that Cartman and other racist characters that can be people we know or in the media or made up to. They can compete and fight to get the Eva pictures. It can be that there is no release of them to the public but now everyone wants them. I guess having prominent right wing politicians from Europe after the photos would work.

Ride’em Nuke
I get this fun vision of Garrison or Jenner or someone riding a nuke into Putin’s assh*le from above. This can be if he does any more invading into Europe. Like Putin saw the nuke coming and ran in circles and bent over with his head between his legs in fear but the nuke went straight up his butt and out his mouth and blew up with blood and poop everywhere.

People love this thing for some reason. I guess the Clintons and other Democrats are part of a conspiracy of child porn ring and sex slavery or something out of a pizza place. Some guy shot up a pizza place over it today. So tell of the crazy conspiracy people some and maybe have some of them be true or by the end it is that all of them are true. Garrison can make it his business to fight all child porn and abuses against children with people reminding him of his own dirty past with kids. It can have very harsh punishment for offenders. This leads to all porn online and anywhere being made illegal. Major funds to remove online video and images and to combat it within and globally are used. Putin agrees with this and so now Russia and the USA have something new they agree on.

Squatty Potty & Unicorn Gold
The potty seems itself as a fun plot. Just a small bit of showing Cartman or Gerald using it because of past bathroom trouble would work. This could tie into poop fuel which the people of Denmark use poo as fuel.

The Chinese Titanic
I read how China is building a full-sized Titanic for people to pay to go on. This place seems like a spot to have some sex. This thing I think is to be land lock but it can find itself in the ocean. Now a bunch of people that only wanted sex are now stuck out to sea. It can crash too and people die.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby JamesPolo » Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:32 am

On The Edge Of The Blue
This episode is about Cartman coming to terms with his relationship with Heidi and if he can go further in the relationship because he is afraid to have kids. So Cartman will blame his fear of white genocide on why he doesn’t want to have kids. He knows having kids with Heidi will make beautiful Arian children but he doesn’t know how to control who his kids will end up with. He fears how some dirty n*gger or Jew like Kyle will try and sleep with his kids. Hell, there could be a Jew conspiracy where a Jew kills him and turns his son into a transsexual and pimps his daughter out as a prostitute. He also fears the depravity of The Divided States of America will cull his children away from whiteness and pollute his lineage with or without a Jew at work. He now has to decide should he continue to date or break up with Heidi… or should he go to war! The title is a joke on just making it into the End Zone in and getting a touchdown. So Cartman and Heidi can have sex this episode at the end when Cartman thinks he has won and insured his lineage is secure. But it could have after, which the whole act is like 10 seconds, that Heidi admits she only wanted to see his dick, or something like that. Cartman can go out and try and tear down the establishment of coloreds and Jews in media. It can be about him traveling America taking out undesirables in various ways. It can end with Heidi and Cartman at Mile High Stadium and in the end zone for some good ole fun.
There can be that Sunday Night Football song by Carrie Underwood but parodied. It can have funny lyrics about how fat peoples butt checks are clapping and how its oooohhhh smelly fart and ooooohhhhhh on Sunday night. There has to be a fun scene where Cartman meets the reporter that has been covering the carnage Cartman has caused. It will have Cartman knockout the man and setup of torture scene. It will have it that the man awakes with Cartman instructing him that he now has 10 seconds to rip off his penis or the poison already in his penis will travel to his heart and he will die. It can be the guy lets her rip.

Hombre Del Carrito
Venezuela is doing real sh*tty. So why not have it that Cartman decides to take it over in a coup. It was that he wanted to go to help ISIS but he felt Venezuela was more fresh. So, he reads up this time about this country. He then goes there and comes up with a way to make peace for everyone. They are dealing with piracy, drugs, no food, toy stealing… wait toy stealing? This could be the real reason Cartman goes to Venezuela. So, he makes out to be the savoir but he is really out to be the Grinch. This can use where he first learned about this all with his mom. It was that a chick was at Panera Bread and asked Cartman’s mother for money to buy toys for poor kids for Christmas. It can all stem from Cartman’s anger that his mom did give that money. He may have marked the money or it could be a toy that his mom took out of his hands and gave to the women. So Cartman clawed as it was taken and so he can tell it apart from other ones like it. So Cartman is after getting what his greedy mother gave away, a toy that was his and not someone else’s. It could be Miss Cartman had to take Eric out early to shop as he begged her to and made her so she was pissed and needed some revenge. It can have Cartman fix things in Venezuela but abandon it after getting his toy back which as they see him leave that all start to resort back to the dirty way they are.

Russian Hunger Games
There is to be a real Russian Hunger Games. This can have some of the people of South Park be obsessed with the movie or book. This can be any few characters. This happens in Siberia and with Putin in a high chair overseeing to games. The whole game is on TV too and the internet. I think what would add to it is having some celebrates in the fight. There can be two people from South Park as that was the one town in the US that was selected to compete. That means there are 14 other countries that will have two of their people compete. It can be that everyone wants to do this but also some don’t know what this thing is as they didn’t see the movie. That can be one of our South Park picks as that person didn’t read the book or see the movie and uses that to their advantage as everyone else is obsessed with reenacting the movie. It can be that Putin and Trump/Garrison made a trade deal with the world based on this that 15 nations including Russia will have their people compete in the Russian Hunger Games. J-Law can be there but she is all slutty and sleeps with many people like Putin. She is dirty too and before hooking up her trick is to eat boogers and stick her finger in her ass and wipes it on her lips. I could see Cartman and Heidi being cute for this but also Gerald and Ike I feel would be fun. It could be that two others from South Park sneak to Russia to infiltrate the games to rescue the original tow picked. It can be that Trump is forcing along with Putin people to have to go and play the game if selected for peace and trade. I could see it that Gerald never saw the movie or read the book. It can have Putin send a balloon to people that helps or hurts. There has to be fun scenes with comedy here too. It can have some people kill and other have sex, and others hide. Jokes have been of how people act like the movie/book and so not knowing it made it so you didn’t have to play along and so you don’t get fooled. Like someone starts to repeat words and is about to stab someone but they just stab first as didn’t’ know what was happening. I could see this of not knowing helping and hurting. How say Gerald is the only person to have never watched the huger games on earth and he is now in a real one. It could be revealed he was picked on purpose for being skankhunt42. There could be a fun scene with Shwaggins watching and making a uncaring joke.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:21 am

Mysterion teams up with ICANN to make the new internet a better place than the old internet, before it becomes too much like the old internet.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For 2016

Postby Big-Will » Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:17 am

This topic is now closed, and there will be a slight change. New topic ideas for 2017 will have their thread until S21 ends in early December, and then I'll start a new one for 2018.
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