Eric Cartman & Bebe Stevens

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Eric Cartman & Bebe Stevens

Postby FilipoSooa » Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:55 am

I would have loved to see a Cartman & Bebe episode in Season 21, because in my personal opinion, they definitely might very well have been a good match together. Out of the four main boys, Stan is the only one with an on-and-off relationship with a girl, Kenny already had one with Tammy and Kyle never really had a relationship despite his short-lived relationship with Bebe back in Season 2 circa Clubhouses '98-'99 and it took 20 seasons for Cartman to find true love while the rest of the boys either have a long-term relationship with any girl(s) or had brief flings that didn't last very long thus only one episode.

The only time we ever saw a Cartman/Bebe scene was when Cartman was playing lambs with Bebe, back when Eric was still into his favorite toys Polly Prissypants and Clyde Frog long until 1% made him destroy his toys for personal and mental growth. Yet after the Bebe-centric episode, we never see him interact positively with her, because all their future encounters are just exclusively composed of ripping on each other and cussing back and forth, and nothing else. And then there's Heidi Turner, because although Cartman has the potential to become one of the coolest kids just because of his name, the likes of Kyle, Wendy, Token, Craig, Principal Victoria, Mr. Garrison and even his former biggest ally Kenny all hate him with a passion. So it's pretty fair that Cartman's only true allies could be Butters, Clyde, Jimmy, Heidi and Bebe, and sometimes Stan on rare occasions because I know Cartman can only be friendly with Stan when Kyle isn't around for the moment, and so he's now with Heidi.

On the surface, you'd think that Cartman's one of the coolest kids on the surface that he should've fell in love with Bebe, and I think they definitely make a better match than Cartman's current pairing with Heidi could ever be. Heidi's more of a follower and a boring background character (pre-Season 20) among the female students, whereas Bebe's more of an aggressive leader alongside Wendy, and had at least was not as underdeveloped as a character more so than Heidi. Assuming that Season 21 ever happens, I don't know if the Cartman/Heidi partnership is gonna continue to stay intact, but if it's gonna be a different one-season storyline arc, then I'd think Cartman would be better off with Bebe. Both Cartman and Bebe serve as selfish kids who only exist solely to serve themselves, with Cartman representing the selfish boy and Bebe being the selfish girl. I don't know how Heidi can put up with Eric to be honest though. If Eric does in fact go back to the Cartman of old, he would be quick to leave Heidi, opening up the opportunity to further expand upon the old Season 6 episode angle with Cartman/Bebe similar to how Cartman's relationship with Heidi from Follow That Egg foreshadowed their eventual full-time relationship.

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