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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby FLnarRayya » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:38 am

For season 21, I can guess 3 outcomes.

1- They'll continue where they left on season 20, keeping on Mr. Garrison as the president to today's events while keeping the
of the member berries and Cartman and Heidi.

2- They'll just go with Kyle's way, screw continuity and make stories for each episode. This could sill continue the story but
less straightforward like in the previous season.

3- They won't give a sh*t for anything that happened before that and they'll go on ahead, much like all the stuff with PC Principal
and the sentient adds.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Randy Marsh 2016 » Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:40 pm

There should be an episode about the Mandela Effect and Andrew Basiago if he becomes very popular.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:34 am

American Trans Girl
I just heard recently that American Girl dolls will be making their first male doll that will be of Jazz Jenning. I think this would be funny and sort of fit in with the whole trans thing South Park already does. So people seem to still be interested in Kenny and Karen. So would it be something for Karen to be a big focus and her trans girl doll? It can have Kenny stand up for Karen as she is bullied for having a gay doll that people hate. I know it can be a thing for certain girl cliques for each of them to get an American Girl doll that all are different. This can focus on how Karen has a group of friends and they all have a doll. It is that Karen didn’t have one. So she had to get one to fit in. But she got the trans girl doll and people freaked out and didn’t want to be her friend anymore. This can follow the McCormick family as the father can be anti trans and wants to fight about how his daughter was fooled into having a trans doll and now people think she is a freak. It can have Kenny that has to keep fighting with other kids to protect his sister and overall is in the middle over the doll. He can have moments of not caring and liking the doll and hating it. The mother can be too busy and high and not interested. Karen can be kind of uneducated about trans and not get the problem which would set up a cute ending where she reveals some bull about how Jazz is a real girl that shocks and brings the episode to an end with the whole town or some of them involved. Jazz Jenning will have to be in this too and that will be so funny. The episode will be about if a trans is really a boy or girl.

Harrison Ford Suicide
I kind of want a little rant about how if Ford kills someone it will be a big deal to me. Ford shouldn’t be allowed to fly anymore. Sorry but this is bad. He could have killed lots of people when he almost hit a plane of over 100 people and that would have killed them all. He may be sick in the head as he was a sex symbol and now is not really one and is getting old. I think that making fun of him getting older would be funny and how he wants to kill himself because he is not as cool as he used to be. He can crash a plane into South Park. He can kind of hang out there as some people at the local car shop try to fix it. It will be that people have to help Ford realize that he is cool and getting old is normal and not worth killing yourself and other people over.

Pacifica Nazione Bianca
The above is “Peaceful White Nation” and so I would like to put this out there for where it can be used to create a new word that would be used to be like fascism but would be not war but trade and humanitarian aid. I think something like “Pacifzi”. I am not good at creating new words but I would like some cool person of the right to do this. So a South Park episode can be about the creation I am talking about and the success of this all white peaceful nation that is very rich and prosperous.

Milo and Mahar Anal
So Milo Yiannoloupous is going to be on Bill Mahar’s HBO show tomorrow. That will be funny right? I keep thinking of how Milo ahs AIDS and that he is on a secret mission to f*ck as many homosexuals in the ass or to give up his ass in an attempt to kill as mnay fags as he can with the AIDS virus. So that can be part of this idea with having Milo. It can have a scene where Milo has anal sex with all the gays of our media. It can be Milo that gave AIDS to Prince and Sheen. So now he gives it to Mahar who kills himself. All the CNN fags can get AIDS to this way. Milo can ahve it all on tape and so leaks a fag dossier of him having anal with many rich and powerful fags either openly gay or in the closet. It can be about Milo blackmailing the world of powerful fags into helping him promote the Alt Right.

This guy has gotten into some trouble. I wonder what Matt and Trey think now or Trey’s stepson? Pie is all about anti Jew jokes. Maybe just making fun of Pie would be nice? I never really liked him as he is gay. It can have Pie reveal he is an alt righter like Milo and that he is gay… and with aids. It could have that Cartman actually think he is cool now. It can have Ike banned from watching his hero Pie but he still watches and views him turned into a Nazi. Now the Broflovski family has to deal with Ike being a Nazi himself. It can be part of the Milo effect that is going on.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby UnXpeNduhbuL » Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:20 am

Goddamnit Donald Trump is funny. His first presidential press conference got me thinking...there's a lot of Funnybot in that mothafucka. And since there is such a low comedy return from mocking him, perhaps it's time to join him.

--Imagine a South Park where Funnybot has used his stand-up comedy, mass shootings, and a new "Twitter-Joke-Blitz" form of politics to get elected Mayor.
--Due to over inflated housing and food prices, the town hands over dictatorial powers to their new Leader.
--Through carefully crafted joke writing (and his pointy finger) Funnybot uses shame to bring the cost of living under control.
--"Hail the Victory of our Leader!" screams the town.
****All South Park boys must join the "Funnybot Youth" (a comedy writing camp)****
****All South Park girls must be trained for beauty pageants and learn that "Math is stupid!"**** (Cartman & Heidi can form a resistance...if they're still lame).

--However, Funnybot cannot deny who he is.
--Ultimately his German programming begins to surface.
--He declares war on the FOGNL network, and seeks out the destruction of "The International Joozian Conspiracy."
--A war of press conferences, between the "Dick Cavett voiced" media and Funnybot ensues.
--The media is conquered and forced out of France...I mean South Park.
--Eventually, the media is/are abducted by the Joozians (USA) up to their spaceship. There, the media is/are injected with Anti-Funnybot DNA, and returned to the borders of South Park. An endless series of pointed questions are asked to Funnybot.

--it is discovered that Scott the Dick has played a key role in the rise of Funnybot.."HA HA AMERICANS. YOU LOSE!"

--You get the gist. Further story outlines are available at the following link: ... bvmC0ZUDKG
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby andreymsandy » Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:52 pm

JamesPolo wrote:Stan can... be... unhelpful. I'd like to see Wendy survive without a boyfriends support. So if he is dating her, he doesn't give her any time. Like he goes to play video games instead of watching her play volleyball. Maybe this episode can deal with Wendy starting doing charity work and their can be a whole hierarchy type of system that unfairly keeps her back even though she does all the work and assumes leadership roles. I can see her working for money too and she can be doing so to for a good cause. I know people want Stan and Wendy to date still but I don't think having Stan be helpful would work with this idea. I want Wendy to shine with her individualism.

The episode can deal with the breakup of Stan and Wendy. It can have Wendy date a new boy who is a clueless waste of time. Stan can protest this but Wendy can point out that he was no better. This can lead to Stan bettering himself and showing Wendy that he had changed. This would lead to them dating again. Still I wanted a sole Wendy episode so there would be very little Stan with screen time and lines.

Okay so maybe Heidi would be better to play as Mary Tyler Moore? I know Cartman is already prone to unlovingness. Still Wendy proved to be able to sell an episode about herself and so her or Heidi could do another one.
I support this, It would be really nice idea for Wendy episode, except what Eric Cartman would do with Wendy's raise? Has he changed in season 20, grew up?
Because he was always exteremely jealous about Wendy's successes and achievements as leader of girls, class and student body president in school, right activist, etc. If Cartman hasn't changed, there will be again rivalry like we saw in previous episodes. Don't want repeating though that was great, I hope that there will be evolution of their relations from scene at assembly in school in season 20.
Would be funny to see that somehow Cartman's actions will help in Wendy's task if he even didn't endeavor to help or stop it. Interesting to look at his new reaction when Wendy wins.
As for Stan, Wendy can survive without his support quite easy (Gluten fre Ebola), but at heart she will be angry at him if breakup was his idea. Again better to start story from events in season 20. I like the idea that "Stan bettering himself and showing Wendy that he had changed", at the end sure it will help solve Wendy's task. To have some sort of intrigue in their relationship and fun there could be admirer of Wendy who help her sometimes like Kyle did in "follow that egg". Since Stan and Wendy became more mature and tried to reconcile together, that won't harm their relationship, & we'll see them happy together again. So Stan can be mentioned only at the begining and end of story.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:29 am

Towelie’s Escargot
I was thinking of Towelie getting into trouble again. Before that I thought of escargot and that is snails to eat. I think it would be sick to have people eating that but no one had ever had it and so what they really ate was poopy in shells. It can be that Towelie ate a whole ounce of pot and so he sh*ts into snail shells as he had eaten the snails the day before. He didn’t think anyone would know any better.

I kind of want a puppet to come to life in South Park and be there to cause plots to happen. It can follow the original Pinocchio story and the Disney one. I think Betty could voice Pinocchio fine. So one of the kids would have to of gotten a puppet at a town fair. There could have been a creepy fat Italian man selling them which he can have a funny story to his life of leaving Italy and coming to live in America. He tours the country selling his goods which are handmade wooden items. The thing is that the puppet the kid got was not for sale and the kid stole it. What happens later is that the kid finds out the puppet is alive. The Italian man can spend the rest of the episode in search of his puppet who he calls his son. The puppet is not returned as it tells how Geppetto will f*ck the kid up once he finds him. Pinocchio can be crazy and curse a lot. It would need an interesting personality. So what if the puppet is really wild and dirty sexually and wants child sex with everyone as he is pansexual and more and stuck as a little boy but wants lots of dirty sex. So the kid is applauded by the find and afraid to return the puppet. It can be lots of what the puppet says is fake and Geppetto the Italian man is really a nice guy. It is that the puppet is just so mentally ill. So now the kid has a crazy Pinocchio to hide and appease or it will do some crazy ass sh*t. The other kids can meet Pinocchio where he wants to perform sex acts and do meth. So it can continue like this until Geppetto gets the puppet back. Pinocchio can have a sad story as why he is so f*cked up to that he uses as an excuse to why he does what he does.

Master Slave Website
So I came up with a funny idea of what if there was this website that setup people to be in a weird relationship. It has it that people are either able to pick who they want to be or they are randomly picked or can just randomly pick if their mind is confused. So this site has people either be a master or a slave. This is supposed to be all on the web. So people are then paired up if slave with who now their master is. I guess this sure sounds like some fun abuse can happen, right? So I think of people eating poo and sex stuff with their junk and butt holes. I guess Cartman can trick all the kids into playing the game. I guess he would especially get off to doing this stuff to Butters. So it can be that the master gets like one or three orders they can give the slave to do a day that can be anything. People can be thankful at first their kids in town are acting on good behavior but later everyone notices how bad the kids are acting. It can be that at first only the dumb kids fell for it. But there can be a catch to turn people to the site. Like people who are masters can earn more slaves if they become a slave to another master. So Cartman ends up becoming a slave as he really wanted to be Kyle’s master as he was already Butters. So now Cartman is doing tons of gay stuff.

Rich Wigger
So Wayne D could use an episode I think. I think that it would be funny to see him want to be black so bad that he moves to Africa. It can be that he has a plan to move to Africa. So this would start with him having a job at a retailer. He is entry level and just finished his G.E.D. and payed off some debt he had. He has saved up $1,000. So this causes him to celebrate as now people will respect him and see him as cool. This is it that no one liked him much in America. Whites and blacks all hated him and he couldn’t get a girl. He loves blacks and wants a black girl so bad and thinks he has learned all there is of African history and American black culture. So he now takes his money and a suitcase and moves to Africa. So he planned to live in a real poor African area. So him having $1,000 makes in the richest person for miles. He will be the most educated too. So his trick to finally getting some pussy as no black would let him have a black princess that he longed for but he doesn’t hold it against them… his trick is that coca cola is king in Africa. So Wayne D sells a can of soda for a black virgin girl who he deflowers and marries and has kids with. In the location, he is at he is now King D. Some extra fun can be Muslim terror groups that come in and steal his wife and so now he must rally the village and fight like Boko Harem. He does so and becomes an African Hero. It could be that Wayne D had to prove he is smart and useful and he helps people with like the stupidest things as Africans are just so stupid that an American with a GED is like Einstein to them.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby 69ingyomama » Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:33 pm

if I could come up with an episode idea for season 21...

I'd create a new Evil character. This new character would be a new girl to school, her name... is Ginger. (Cartman would already hate her because of her name.) Her appearance just shouts scary. She's pale with black hair and a white highlight streak. She wears a gray shirt with a white long collar and dark brown pants. A black swastika is tattooed on her back.

here's an example of how evil she is:

Lunchtime; a kinder-gardener boy accidentally drops his lunch on Ginger's shirt- her eye twitches once as she stares at the boy. she blinks once, fake smiles and says, "aw it's alright buddy! it was just an accident! wanna hug it out?" She hugs the boy before he says anything. She starts squeezing the boy's neck, his face becomes purple and his eyes become watery. Her face becomes shadowy, she stabs the little boy's back with a plastic knife and says "You will watch where you're walking next time little boy... or if there will be a next time when i'm finished with you..." She pushes the little boy on the ground, pepper sprays his eyes, and blow-torches him. She begins to kick the sh*t out of the little boy and when she's finally out of breath she spits on the boy.

here's another example:

Kyle's in the hospital (for some reason) Ginger comes to visit him after guest hours... she crawls up onto Kyle's bed and digs down her pants. She chokes him with her period blood.

Well.. that's just a couple things. She also kills Wendy to torture Stan and the girls. She has a S&M interest in Kyle.

consider my character.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Thu Feb 23, 2017 5:01 am

Hello Barbie Hologram
This toy is kind of funny. It has Barbie alive in hologram form in a play diagram thing house. The hologram does normal things and is interactive. So I guess Barbie can be greedy and want and order you to do sh*t for her all the time. So all the girls become a slave to these selfish Barbie’s. They tell you to buy them new clothes and to leave the room when Ken is over and she is getting f*cked. I think it can start out small and then Barbie can become a big jerk. It can end with her being hooked on cocaine and being gang f*cked by other holograms and killed but at that point anyone who owned one wanted her dead and she had said not to talk to her anymore. So it would be in the news that all the Barbie’s are ending up dead for one reason or another. It could be that they are super expensive and could have had a clause that was like an adoption so that they were not returnable and that the owner of these Barbie’s had to take care of them forever. So now in the news at the end of the episode all the girls Barbie’s and I guess at least one boys Barbie are all dead for different reasons as they were all mean but stupid spoiled whores. So the clause says for the Barbie to not be returned and they could have a patch and updates but it just makes the Barbie worse. Like the update adds new features which causes Barbie to be more out of control. This can play on how I guess Barbie is supposed to be a rich white women or girl who doesn’t work and spends all her time doing fun stuff like shopping and vacationing. So it would go like this that all the girls can’t stand Barbie as she puts them down as they are going to school and she is doing better things. The deaths of the all different Barbie’s can be like from her being uneducated and anorexic and into bad lifestyles. Like causing a house fire or camping fire that kills her and she is then eaten cooked by a bear. Or that she is on a new diet that then causes serious conditions and later a slow and painful death. So Barbie would have the voice of a like classic LA or Beverly Hills chick or whatever that CA sounding girl voice is. Please have skipper in it too as one of the Barbie’s can have her and she can finally get f*cked after Barbie died as in this display Skipper was forced to stay with Barbie but Barbie was the boss and did all right. Seeing Skipper finally get to lose her virginity would be nice.

This is just a small TV show idea. So this can follow a pedophile around with a Seinfeld style and this TV show takes place in New York. The special guest of this can be Milo Yiannoppolous and so he walks around with the star and they use social media and underground hangouts to pick up underage little boys and girls to have various sex acts with. It can have Cartman say something like “Where the f*ck has the Alt Right gone?”.

The New AIDS!
I can’t help but have fears of getting AIDS and I know many people have those fears as well. The episode can work on how fags are out and about and out these days and especially after Obama. So it starts with Randy out with Stan and he is leading Stan around as they are at a local pizza shop and shopping mall. It can be fags are everywhere that day and Randy says to Stan “Isn’t it beautiful” meaning that all the fags are free to be gay and share it with the world or something like that. So later on, the TV will say that Trump has an announcement. It is that a new disease has been found… it is like super AIDS that Russia had created and released in an attempt to cleanse Russian fags from their nation. The thing is that they didn’t mean for it to spread to other countries and it is more contagious than they could have dreamed. It can have Putin issue an apology. The super AIDS thankfully is not spread through bodily fluids… but the problem is that it is spread though FARTS. So now everyone everywhere is afraid of fags and their farts as their poo particles will kill you. The super AIDS can have you die a disturbing way also. It can take only a few days for you to die but leading up to your death you start to fart more and more and it gets uncontrollable. Near your death a toxic fart cloud follows you around and the way you die is that it starts to rot your body apart. This can also have the joke that girls never fart but it is that later after it is revealed that girls seem unaffected by the super AIDS that Russia had also released a super AIDS for girls that unforeseen to them makes them do the same thing the guys do with their butts but with their vaginas as they queef up a storm which coats them in winter conditions of acid snow and ice that melts and rots their bodies. Also anyone who gets a direct hit from one of these farts or queefs is severely hurt or killed.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:25 am

Life After Hate
I heard there is this group to try and trick white people that are in so called racist groups to quit them. I guess Trump may be cutting funding to this though as a positive. I like the idea some of this group as a plot idea. So what about telling the story of these types of people that fight racism and get paid to do so. Lots of the anti-hate members are former members of hate groups. They are covered in racist tattoos and look like they are scary dudes and chickadees. They get paid to do this also which can be their main motivation and other things like not being that cool and not putting out. So it can be that no one would like these losers that leave the hate groups. One thing these anti-racists do is setup people who are clueless people to get money from the government. Doesn’t this sound abusive. Also what about how they take on people at Stormfront or other sites. What is a shocker is that these days a racist is seen as success in life which is odd still to many. Statistics show this to be true that racists are educated and wealthy. So it would be funny to show this off that when the anti-racists try to remove people from a racist life they are pulling them from wealth and into poverty. So people are like “What the f*ck”? Which can lead to the now former racists to wanting to get back at these anti0-racist who make money to put people into the poor house. Other jokes can be them after getting Cartman, who can be secretly the leader of an online hate group, to leave the group. It will have Cartman go undercover after he is convinced to trick other members to leave the group or to get them arrested. The hate group can be called “Colorado Skins” or something and so Cartman can have a bald head that he was covering up with a wig/hat. It can have Cartman up to a double cross to catch the anti-racists. Cartman can also turn many of the anti-racists back to being racist which can lead to some interesting outcomes. The main point of this episode would be to show that going after white hate groups is a waste of time and is really more counterproductive than anything.

Kid Hermaphrodite
I am thinking of these people with both a penis and pussy. I think that it would be shocking and fun to have a character already on the show turn out to be one. It can be a scene like in the locker room or hacking school files that tells all about one of the kids. It could be that a boy started to look fat… for having boobs but the joke was that they were real and after Cartman lifted up the boys shirt everyone noticed that they were real boobs. So being a hermaphrodite is not normal or a mainstream joke. Still I think there are still some jokes out there for this. I see which friends to have and which bathroom. There can be if surgery should happen and what gender to they prefer to be. What people they are attracted to. There is the joke of them having sex with themselves and getting themselves pregnant. I remember there was a show maybe Children’s Hospital that had a kid like this and they made him an it. So I think having our hermaphrodite choose a gender seems like an easy way to keep things rolling. The kid can check out other kids that are all hanging out arranged by gender and it is to see if this kid will like to be like them as little of the episode. I know each kid on the show has their own kids they hang out with so this kid can still interact with his main groups.

Dr. Phil
I think seeing how Dr. Phil was in indentured servitude to Oprah would be funny as a how did Dr. Phil get where he is today. I like the idea of thinking of how he had to eat out Oprah’s clit backstage and how he had to do that all the time. Also after Dr. Phil was too much for whatever character is on his show. Dr. Phil can be given acid which causes him to strip off his clothes and start smashing everything. He makes wild statements and puts down his employers. He ends up in a mental hospital and loses all his money. It can then show him coming down and not knowing what had happened which would be for a nice scene of the character telling him or doctor what happened. Dr. Phil is super rich I think I heard it right that he makes the most money rate now per episode. So because of this it makes me want him to get it some for being such a greedy sell out.

College humor
I like to watch College Humor some and so I kind of would like to have an idea for one. So this has a guy who treats all others like girls. It starts with this guy being introduced at the office or workplace. So the guy is best and is under the impression he is the alpha man. So no other guy is needed as the way he acts and talks to others. He will start this as in his replies to doing job tasks. Having people reread out loud his resume would be funny as it is just like this. There can be people at the office that are girls, gay, and trans so these people don’t mind this guy. It can have at least one straight guy that really hates being treated not like a guy and to be useless as one. The gimmick will be that at first only this one male hated the alpha guy but by the end of the clip everyone agrees that they don’t like this guy. It can start out small and unnoticed by most but escalates to all see it and are bothered. The acts can be shaming others to not do masculine mannerisms and him trying to reeducate others on how to act which is feminine. He can say no other men are there and act blind that other men are around. He can interrupt when job tasks are told and reassign them to make everyone feel good which has him handle the men’s work. This would be done with like putting masculinity on the pronunciation of his tasks and acting like other peoples are feminine. He can act like a gorilla and bring up a joke of infanticide of other males if one was around.

Trumps War On State Rights Of Marijuana
With many new states about to legalize marijuana for recreational use but the big bummer is Trump is now saying he wants to fight states for trying to do this. I think that there will be a mini fight over this by many people though they will be so high and late to protest that they will fail overnight. I had read recently that certain businesses are thinking of opening up where everyone that works there is encouraged to smoke pot. It is also that all the customers are high. I love this idea. So what would be cool is to show one of these businesses in South Park and how things are perfect with stoner jokes at work and things like that. That is it that later Trump and announce his war on pot with states’ rights. So it will have this hybrid society which South Park could have turned overnight into a town that everyone was one marijuana and people were high the whole time even at work. Now people’s towns are under fire. It could have started with a marijuana indoor grow moving to town which lead to everyone trying it and loving it too much. There can be jokes on how people didn’t want to stop Trump that much before but now that because of an addiction that have to stop him because they are hooked.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:02 am

Blue Whale Suicide Game
This game has people online or I guess in person tell people to crave and cut into their body a blue whale. It is like goths. But later the person is to kill themselves for some reason. It would be fun to see the US hit hard from this trend and especially South Park. I think there is more than enough characters on the show that some of them can be killed off. There would be room from there to be the trickledown effect with college to high school to middle school to elementary school. So This would allow for the creators to make a dozen new characters that can be shown to be struggling or just fall victim to the Blue Whale game. So the episode can follow these people at times and how what the older kids do today the younger ones do tomorrow. I don’t get the blue whale to it at all, do you?

This episode needs a guilty party! I can think of the Japanese who are like the only ones that would eat whale so much. Would it make sense for there to be a secret blue whale society and that they are really intelligent? It can be that because blue whales are only second with intelligence they are not that cool and with killer whales now not on display at sea world… it is that whales don’t feel good. Their oceans are polluted and they already had to deal with fish and other sh*t like sharks. Whales are some of the only mammals at sea and they don’t understand why humans that are mammals too are f*cking up the ocean.

So it can have all water mammals be part of a secret society and be really educated. It is that they want to kill off the humans and so they have a plan to do so threw one plan called the blue whale game. Blue whales are the largest animal ever. Blue whales used to be poplar but whaler hunters killed most of them. So the name of the game resembles the feelings of thinking you were once the best but now are hunted and being killed off the face of the earth. The blue whales left are real anger and want to kill humans for what has happened like making them into oil for lamps and pen ink and now food for sumo wrestlers.

So the ocean mammals have taken over abandoned naval yards and power plants and oil offshore platforms to use the internet and computers to troll people online. Now because of wifi and body movement electric power, the mammals are able to move computers and gear to their secret underwater base. There they are the ones hacking the world and trying to cause warfare between nations like China and the USA. It is that the smartest humans of today are the Chinese and so that is why they are building their artificial islands and why they are too build their own underwater sea base lab.

The Chinese know it is the ocean mammals that are the ones trying to kill humanity and are polluting the internet as we humans pollute the ocean. It can be that through pure evolution and lots of leaking nuclear radiation that ocean mammals were able to evolve to be so smart. Now with the kids seeing that kids they know and kids they love on the verge of suicide, they seek out answers. This leads to them finding a mammal that tried to get them to kill themselves. That info lead them to China to where they are to help the Chinese as Trump prepares with allies to fight the Chinese over they naval expansion which is really to fight the whales.

Now the kids travel under the sea in the Chinese’s humpback submarine to find the secret ocean mammals base. There the kids battle many mammals and require China so send reinforcements. This causes the USA and Japan and others to launch a military campaign to fight the Chinese as they think they are invading. It can be that the kids and China try to tell the other nations of the mammals plot but no one believes them. It can have North Korea too. The kids and a few Chinese are left.

It can have the Kim Jong Un is there helping the Chinese and the kids. Un can have an advanced ocean mammal exoskeleton to wear and all the others like the kids have one too as they brave the waters to fight the mutant ocean mammals. There can be a scene that shows evidence that the whales created the deadly earthquakes that have killed thousands over the last 70 years. It is that the kids find the technology to do this that the whales had created and use it to create a giant trench in the ocean that forced lava up that destroyed the mammals base ending their plans to cause all humans to kill themselves via suicide.

It can have Un thought to have died after he selflessly sacrificed himself for the team but later he pops up alive. It can be that he had a video camera drone follow the team the whole time and it live fed the footage to North Korean people to watch as their fearless leader saved humanity. With the lava flowing remaining whales and mammals scatter to become a broken clan that will never recover. There will have to be at least a few or one whale, it can be the one that planned the blue whale game. So he is left to fight the kids and a few Chinese left. The suits the humans wear can have propulsion and electric shocks and shoot mini harpoons. They can carry a harpoon which can fire mini harpoons and give wearers extra strength and are armor.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby Bunny Style » Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:59 pm

Random Elements to include in an episode :D
-Cartman finally discovers deep frying food and gets addicted :3

Random Ideas :D
-A survival game series like the Hunger Games :D

Probably going to add more later
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:03 am

To Space We Go!
I read recently that Space X will be flying 2 people around the moon. I couldn’t help but picture Cartman and Heidi doing this together. I know last we heard Cartman was afraid of space travel and getting milked. Still I can’t help but think of this. Something real bad could happen on this trip so I don’t know if doing an episode about it would be smart. It would be a real tragedy if this space ship blows up and people die.

The Curse of the Gold Gilded Baby Bed Sheets
I have felt it and smelled it and none of it was good. I’m talking about baby beds and the sheets that cover them. There are special items that parents and people buy for babies that help shape who they will become. The one today I am to talk about are the ones of baby bed sheets that have gold items on them, for example gold pineapples. These sheets like all baby one’s reek of sh*t and pee. The worst thing is that now the child is associated with the designs on the sheets. The curse is that for whatever reason there is bad behavior from people who as a baby had these golds designed bed sheets. Things like race mixing and deviant sexuality and promiscuity can all be connected to the baby bed sheets a person had as a child. This can be a combo episode plot of Cartman bringing this up and saying people are out to pollute the white race by creating baby bed sheets that cause the death and dethroning of the white race. It can be that Heidi doesn’t want to be racist but is able to help by using her ability ex emoji analysis. Now Cartman who sounds crazy to some is doing detective work and discovery to investigate to people behind manufacturing and selling baby bed sheets. This all will have a terrible conspiracy that is proven true. As Cartman and Heidi who can enlist detective Butters to also help uncover the culprits. I can see the Latinos behind this as they are up to out breeding all other people in the USA to reclaim all of its land in the name of Latin America. It can be that the Spaniards, because of their lust for gold, incidentally taught the filth, the Latinos, to long for gold as well. It can dwell deep into the teachings and practices that made the Latinos who they are today by the tutoring of the Spaniards. It can be that unintendedly Latinos learned to not only want gold but that it pisses whites off to see them with it. It is that the Latinos now know they have a power over others by scraping together what they have to have their own wear gold or in this case, sleep in it. It is why Latinos are shot and killed. It wasn’t their look or behavior but the cheap fake gold necklace they wear. So this can joke on poor people who we know are race mixers and how they long gold still and have fake gold to show off to gain a power over others. This can bring back in the Indians and their gold making abilities. Still I was thinking of fake gold items so where ever those are made can be used. I know this idea needs a lot more thinking to it.

Homeless First
I like the idea that one of the kids would see how America First is not enough and it is not working. So this will be to see how things truly are going. It is that there are hundreds of thousands of homeless “Real” Americans that don’ want to be homeless that lost their job. This kid can have a special past with homelessness like a family member had been. Now this character goes out of their way to help the homeless get back on their feet faster. It can be shown how American businesses would rather import other countries goods and their people that are not real Americans to work while our own people suffer from homelessness. There needs to be some jokes here.

Gay Unintentions
I read recently that caterpillars vibrate their anuses to help signal to other caterpillars that food is nearby. I couldn’t help but think of how gay that is. I think somehow relating people acting like a caterpillar or something would be funny. Maybe like a child would have to act like a caterpillar or was playing pretend. This kid can pull down his pants and start doing things with his butthole to pretend to others that he is a caterpillar as the kid had saw on TV that they do that. This can be done at a restaurant which makes people very sick and appalled.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby 69ingyomama » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:40 am

PC Principal's Daughter

A new girl comes to school one day, she's a foster kid in looking for her dad (PC Principal.) There's a crowd in the middle of the school halls, a fight break loose between Wendy and the new girl. PC Principal steps in to see what's wrong, the new girl stops what she's doing immediately and stares at PC Principal.

New girl:
Holy crap... it's you!

What the f*ck is going on? This is not acceptable behavior, not in MY halls!

PCP looks at the new girl for a brief moment

Your that new kid, aren't you? Lanie? Why the hell--

The new kid's name was Lanie

Holy crap... I never thought I'd ever find you!

What on god's green planet are you talking about?

Lanie dusts off her poncho and walks up to PCP

Lanie: 9 years ago... did you crush some puss

PCP is blank faced

Lanie: Well... that lady you crushed got pregnant and had a little girl, who got sent to a foster home.

PCP: wait a minute...

Lanie smiles and hugs PCP's legs

Lanie: nice to meet you dad.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:50 am

Half Yard Beer Glass
I can’t help but think of a nice horse penis joke with this glass. So what about people in a barn or brewery where horses are too. Men and women are drinking from these half yard glasses. It would show the horses reactions from this with blushing and neighing and stomping their feet. They would do so as the a man talks of the beer and the glasses and the experience. He does so in a way that is like the glass is a horse penis and that everyone is giving head to the horses.

Contracted Minor
What about if Cartman learns about law, in particularly about contracts minors can and can’t enter. So the joke will be how there are some crazy laws we have with kids. It states that if a person under 18 buys something that they can return it at any time until they are 18 and within reasonable time thereafter. So this gives Cartman the greatest ideas ever. That he can go to every business in town and buy goods and then either eat them or use them to ruin and then return them. So Cartman can eat a chimichanga and poop it into a bag and return it the David for a refund. He can go and buy a new video game and play it and smash it and say it was an accident and then return it. There are defenses businesses have to children taking advantage of them in this way. So that will be done too where Cartman is banned or kids buying things themselves is banned. Also kids can’t sue people so if a business owner didn’t want to give back the money than he could choose not to but the kids parents could sue for the kids behalf. This can lead to Cartman having like a couple dozen on going court cases with local businesses. In the mean time Cartman realizes that he has no more places to shop at to assert his power. So now he hits the web to bother all the online businesses he can.

Genderless Alien
Vinny Ohh is a real person who is getting his penis removed and nipples and bellybutton. God only knows what else this person will have done to his body. He is now not a human but an alien and has no gender is what Vinny states. There are pictures and more info elsewhere. This person is so sick and it is disturbing that we allow people to do things like this to themselves. Seeing Vinny come the town of South Park would be fun. I know the human Ken doll is in the news a lot too lately so what about how South Park becomes a plastic surgery hub, I do remember the Hasselhoff episode and the fancy new vagina.

Fire Fairy Game
His is a sick game where kids are told on social media to turn on their stove with the gas over and this causes a big fire that either kills the child or severely burns them. I realize it happens in Russia the most rate now but it is so sad and South Park does air there. I feel so bad for little girls that this happens too. I don’t know of many little girl characters in South Park but there are a few. It can be that Ike’s classroom students are hit with this. It can be that a few of the little girls fall victim to this game and are burned real bad. It can deal with the reactions from the others kids and the town. There can be revenge too on the ones that tricked the little girls into hurting themselves. Of course the bullies would be killed.

Down At The Local Gym
I think South Park is due for a gym episode. It can have PCP be a big character in it. I know lots of fat people go to the gym and go for about a week and then quit. Machines are hogged and sweaty that makes others sick. So there can be a new gym or an old one or one of both. It could be like that Dodgeball movie where to gyms compete. So just a gym idea can lead to many of the adults being fat shamed into joining to lose some weight. There can be that people are changed where some just quit the gym and others reject them fat self to get into shape. Some that accept that they are fat can start having lots of fat people sex. It can be that while others are at the gym the fat ones are having sex. The ones that stay with the gym can show improvement in muscle that we can see. I think it would be funny to see a huge strong black guy that is PCP’s mentor and body building guru. This character could be somewhat like Chef but not enough to piss people off. The blacks name can be Maverick and it goes that no one touches him or else. So everyone is afraid of him as he is real big and loud and angry. He gets all the gym goers to exercise and it works they all get ripped too. The gym goers that quit get extra fat but strong too from so much sex. I know this plays on a Adam Sandler CD but it is funny. Some of the gym goers can injure themselves. I think people breaking bones that pop out them body and limbs severed and people killed would do it with pools of blood. I think showing by the end that Maverick is just a super pussy when you touch him or stand up to him would be funny. It can have that Maverick gets to pick up all the young nice ladies while all the new meat don't get any, plus Maverick can work there. It can be that Maverick bangs all the guys wives too that go to the gym and it can be that PCP just plays dumb about it.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:32 am

I think that whole clown obsession people had will comeback with this movie being out. South Park can make a move with that. I can see that Garrison can be afraid of the clowns that are lurking our woods and streets. So he has law enforcement start search for them all. It can be that with funny acts like that the clowns can in a clown funny way stop the police from arresting them. Like spraying water on them and always having something like a bullet proof vest or big hammer right at the right moment. So Garrison realizes that the clowns can’t be stopped. So he does it and creates a new law enforcement agency, the FCA or f*ck Clowns Asses. It would be something like that. So this new bureau is trained and armed with tactics and weapons that are perfect with killing clowns. All the while there can be in the news of other people’s countries news of NK and Iran and ISIS and Russian. But in the USA clowns are the main threat. So the FCA can kill all the clowns but now the rest of the planet is about to have a giant world war.

Logan Movie
I would really like to see South Park do something like Deadpool or Logan as they have been R rated comic book movies that did very well. I guess just seeing that characters reenact the movie would suck. Still I am interested in the whole Eden plot in Logan. I don’t know if Dafne Keen or her character Laura will be in the movies again. So this would give South Park a chance to fill in the blank. It does have the kids run the Canada and so that would be funny that people want to. World War Zimmerman played off WWZ film. Could Cartman have a thing for Dafne Keen? Like what if he gets totally obsessed with how awesome and hot she is and now he just wants to tell her she is smart and funny like he is doing with Heidi. I personally love Keen now and hope to see her play Laura a lot in future films, not sure how they will do it though. So if I love Dafne I want Cartman to also. The episode can have Heidi pushed aside and Cartman to have to hide his feelings of affection for Keen. That sounds like a nice plot. Cartman can be out to contact Keen and marry her in Canada and live in Eden as he thinks it is real. It can have it that Miss Cartman took Cartman and Heidi to the movies to see the film but Cartman fell in love with Keen while watching the film. Keen can be in the episode at the end and throughout. She can have a hot boyfriend at the end to turn down Cartman I guess. Still it sounds funny that Cartman would kidnap Keen to take her the Canada. It can have Hugh Jackman say he must be the Wolverine again to find and save Keen. It can be that Hugh is delusional and can’t tell the different between a movie and reality. So at the end Heidi is able to track down Cartman and Keen in Canada and get Cartman to come back home. Keen can beat up Cartman too. So after Cartman had seen the film and can try to contact Keen on social media. He hears about her being at a celeb appearance and so he comes up with a plot to kidnap her which is silly and works. After that Marvel movie actors who are messed up in the head and can't tell if they are acting or not announce to people and on TV that they will be helping to find Keen. Heidi can be heart broken but finds notes of Cartman's or his diary that leads to her ability to track Cartman down. Cartman can be after Keen for now he wants not just smart and funny but also strong and brave women. So he needs Keen for being so bad ass in Logan. So Keen is to be Cartman's strong girl.
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