So are Scott the Dick and Ugly Bob real?

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So are Scott the Dick and Ugly Bob real?

Postby ManBearChris » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:06 am

It's been well established that Terrance and Philip are real people who play characters by the same name in their own TV show. They don't seem to be as obsessed with fart jokes and all that in real life though, they're pretty normal, respectable people in the episodes I remember like Canada On Strike and Freemium Isn't free. But Scott the Dick was seen as a real person in It's Christmas in Canada and Royal Pudding, which makes me wonder, if he really hates fart jokes and Terrance and Philip that much in real life, why would he be willing to play himself in their TV show which is literally based around fart jokes? (Tbh they should really use Scott the Dick more though, he's hilarious)

And Ugly Bob too I guess. Why would he want to be labeled "ugly" in one of the most popular Canadian shows?

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