The Fishing Expedition

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The Fishing Expedition

Postby ToastyMcToaster » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:15 pm

The episode begins with Robert Mueller on a fishing expedition, but remember "drain the swamp?" Turns out there is a physical swamp outside the capital, and he is out there on a boat and he’s fired up, reeling up Russians / congressmen / senators.

Meanwhile the News reporters are at the scene commenting on the event, letting the viewers know that while some of the swamp creatures may look dangerous they are mostly harmless and in their natural habitat. Mueller reels up a Newt Gingrinch swamp monster (who looks like The Thing) and after a tussling around with him on the boat, wrangles the hook from his mouth and throws him back in.

The republicans begin to panic, they see their approval ratings are tanking as more and more Russians are pulled from the swamp, so they launch their own fishing expedition. They hire a celebrity fishing champion and launch the SS Benghazi boat onto the swamp. With the stakes raised, both Mueller and the new competitor have to up their game, so they start throwing handfuls of dirty money into the swamp as bait and the water is bubbling with excitement.

The competition heats and the bigger fish start to arrive. The two competing fishing teams have to fight over same politicians who have multiple hooks buried in them from grabbing the dirty money. Every 3rd or 4th catch is Hillary who keeps taking the bait. Both sides realize shes a prize fish so everytime one of them reels her in, someone from the other-side sneaks onto their boat and takes her off the hook. So that they can be the one who gets credit.

The event grows into a national obsession, champion fishermen from around the world, in their prime and retired start getting riled up about what is now become the biggest fishing expedition of the century. They start turning up on mass. Even Ken Starr former Bill Clinton prosecutor even breaks out his old fishing rod and heads to the swamp. The News anchors have a field day when Kenn arrives on the scene, they start showing old videos clips of the 1996 fishing expedition where a younger Ken Starr is on the Swamp reeling out Bill and Monica Lewinksy who are mid act as they are pulled from the swamp.

The episode comes to a close when the smallest youngest fisherman catches what seems like it might be the biggest swamp creature of them all, it takes too much force to reel it up by himself, so as word gets out, everyone starts getting excited and involved. Hundreds of boats start pulling in the same reel and suddenly it pops. It wasn't a fish, the kid had become attached to the plug in the swamp and now's its going to drain.

Politicians are panicking. The water is rapidly disappearing down a giant sink hole, fishermen are rowing for their lives trying to get out. The lowered waters reveal Newt Gingrich underwater Swamp Monster home, his swamp children and his piles of dirty money as he frantically tries to save what he has. On the sidelines, Hilliary is once again taken off the hook and we watch as she starts heading back towards the water. The News anchors are rolling and watching her dive in. As she is swirling around the drain she tells everyone its going to be alright, then she makes the ultimate sacrifice and uses her body to plug the hole.

The swamp is saved.

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