HD Episodes - Mistakes and differences

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Re: HD Episodes - Mistakes and differences

Postby WhyWouldYouChangeSP » Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:47 am

This is not going to be a popular take on the HD re render but I don't care.

f*ck South Park now. f*ck the whole god damned thing.

Why in the f*ck would they change so much when they re rendered everything? I watched south park my whole life. I loved it. The subtle things about the animation were a HUGE part of why I enjoyed the show. They were a huge part of the nostalgia I got every time I watched an episode.

Now when I go back and watch old episodes I get no nostalgia, nothing. It is ruined. They went back and scrubbed everything up and it looks like the rest of the overly HD garbage that the show has become.

f*ck this whole re render. f*ck the whole thing. The show is ruined for me. Like usual, I am more offended by things than other people. Fine. f*ck this re render.

Un god damned believable that the same people who wrote the episode Free Hat would erase the nostalgia for this show right off the face of the f*cking earth.
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Re: HD Episodes - Mistakes and differences

Postby WhyWouldYouChangeSP » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:32 am

The most frustrating thing about this re render is that I can't even find the originals to watch online. It's like they went and just erased and f*cked up the whole show.

It would be super nice to have the money to buy a whole bunch of DVD sets, but I don't have the money for food or god damned health insurance, much less a bunch of DVD's, and I don't even own a DVD player or game system. I used to love watching old south park episodes. The crappy mouths, the subtle mistakes, the fuzzy definition, the whole thing was a huge nostalgia source.

I can just hear people saying "well if you were a *real* fan of the show, you would have the DVD sets so it wouldn't matter.

The thing that gets me the most about this is that it just demonstrates a paradigm shift in the whole philosophy of the show. Matt and Trey of the past would have called Matt and Trey of today homosexuals for having the nerve to go back and change so very much about the show. I can just hear marketing people saying "oh yeah, and if people are nostalgic for old episodes of the show they'll go out and buy the DVD sets of the originals, so it's a win-win for us." And the sets you can buy are probably eventually going to be the HD renders as well.

People in this thread have been diplomatic about the changes and that's wonderful for them. For my part, as little as it is worth, it is just galling and upsetting that the whole show has been so transformationally re rendered and that so many things have been changed around and messed with.

I keep trying to get over it and re watch the episodes and it's just too frustrating to even enjoy them anymore. Great for the people with their enormous HD tvs and expensive gaming systems and money for boxes of DVDs. Good for them.
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Re: HD Episodes - Mistakes and differences

Postby Det. Sandy Vagina » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:26 pm

I only skimmed through your rant, but the remastered episodes look the same as the original as far as I can see. Only with bettter quality and some slight animation tweaks, which are more just fixing mistakes such as characters being placed in the wrong spot.

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