Kyrie Irving Phd - Flat Earth and Vaccinations

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Kyrie Irving Phd - Flat Earth and Vaccinations

Postby Harold_Hill » Sun Jan 23, 2022 9:37 am

"Evidence" for the Earth being flat surfaces and the people of South Park fully embrace the conspiracy. Stan and Kyle try to use math and logic to explain to the town that the Earth is really a sphere but then NBA player Kyrie Irving Ph D. arrives to reinforce the town's beliefs. Kyrie Irving is "more than just a basketball player" as he likes to say and he is only one smart enough to figure out that vaccines make people believe the Earth is spherical. Kyle, a huge basketball fan, has always been enthralled by Kyrie's basketball skills. However, Kyle has difficulty reconciling his admiration for Kyrie's skills with the ludicrous claims he makes.
*This is more of a pitch for Kyrie showing up in an episode than necessarily a full episode idea. South Park has already done a lot on vaccinations so I don't expect them to do another episode on it.

Possible messages and topics:
Separating the artist from his work; Celebrity worship - Sports media have called Kyrie smart numerous times for Science knows why; Fear of being racist makes the sports media overly praise athletes of color whenever they express an opinion nonbasketball related; Anti-science atheists (flat-earthers who despise religion);
Kyrie's implies he knows better than other African American players when he says things like "there is more to life than basketball," he is "more than basketball," or there shouldn't be NBA team owners because he can't be owned by anyone. There is an article i stole this perspective from that one can google.

Kyrie is the perfect target for Matt and Trey because above all else, his self-righteousness is the most obnoxious thing about him. The guy ditches his teams for "personal days" for long stretches and is indignant when people ask him about it. He misses games because he won't get vaccinated and when asked about it he says "I'm more than just a basketball player." Managed to be more narcissistic than a former teammate who literally has "Chosen One" tattooed on his chest. He donates a lot to charity but seems to forget that his ability to be so charitable comes from the millions he makes from his job, playing basketball.

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