wat do u guys like about Kenny?

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wat do u guys like about Kenny?

Postby tear09 » Fri Aug 11, 2006 3:41 pm

Y does he all ways die

and how does he come back?

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Postby gregh2k5 » Fri Aug 11, 2006 7:25 pm

You don't watch south park too often, do you?
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Postby SouthParkMaster66 » Sat Aug 12, 2006 2:37 am

I'm sick of all of these retarded Kenny threads.
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Kyle the Skeptic
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Postby Kyle the Skeptic » Sun Aug 13, 2006 12:10 am

How are you gentlemen!
All your Kenny thread are belong to us!
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Postby tear09 » Sun Aug 13, 2006 2:41 am

gregh2k5 wrote:You don't watch south park too often, do you?

wats that supposed to mean?
Georgia Athanaileas
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what do you like about kenny?

Postby Georgia Athanaileas » Sun Aug 27, 2006 2:56 am

He is quiet. He adds a different and essential element to the show. Cartman is the sonofabitch, butters is sweet and so on. Kenny doesnt talk much and the muffled voice is an original and creative aspect of his character and the show. the cutie also enjoys laughing. he is a lot like a little kid in that respect.

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