Some mistakes 403 Quintuplets

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Some mistakes 403 Quintuplets

Postby darKm3n2002 » Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:39 pm

Ok nice show .. bla bla bla, but you did some mistakes that shows you don't know sh*t about other countries.. so let's count some of the mistakes you made in you're episodes:
1. the way the romanians are dressed... you won't see romanians dressed like that, you might see the russians
2. the romanians don't talk russian they have the romanian laguage, they are latins...
3. the names you gave to the girls.. lame... i mean those are russin names or basarabian's names or names from Ukraina, the only kind of romanian name is Nadia (you might have heard about the romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci ... she is the first gymnast with a perfect 10.00 at the olympics.
4. when you say romania is gay think again... US is full of gays... you wont find many in romania.. the girls are pretty there, not fat as in US.. wich leads to another mistake... you made the grandmother fat... a few of the romanians are fat comparing to US.
5. The 200$ Kenny and his mom have.. wont last them for 2 weeks... actually if i think about it they don't have enough for 2 days at a decent motel :)). It's good to know that so you wont think you could do a trip in romania with 200$ in you're pocket
6. Red hair is not specific to romanians.
7. Plus in Romania you can find malls and parks and whatever.
8. Not everybody from Romania is poor, watch this for example starting 2:30, Like in every country there are poor people and rich people, and the middle class.
9. When they say "let's find babusca", babusca is a russian word which means old lady.
10. At 11:01 everything except the glag on the left is pure russian :))
12. I don't think that there is a sign on any European airport saying "Welcome to Europe" (13:27).. what wold be the point of having such a sign? ( ow...!!! and for all the retards out there: Europe is NOT a country it's a CONTINENT)
13. I don't think the romanian goverment really gives a sh*t about romanians outside the borders... so they wouldn't send somebody to take back romanians from other country what would be the point?
14. Everything is cheap in Romania? cheap apartments? haha:)) for a medium 700 square meters apartment you have to pay at least 85000$, but if you want a good apartment or a new one you will pay above 120000 USD; FOOD in romania is f*ck*ng expensive, almost the most expensive in Europe.
15. Nobody really knows about Oprah in Romania, i'm sure that 6 years old romanain girls never heard anout Oprah.
I do like South Park so i'm going to say something that is true about Romania and romanians: The do have a russian accent when they speak english, the politicians are f*ck*ing corupt so the have the habit of bribing (they bribed the boat owners), Romania is a f*cked up because of the goverment, but so is USA from the same reason that's why you protest so much.
I do hope you won't delete this post. Ow and please excuse my english, I'm not that good at writing... Keep up the good work and at least try not to make confusions.. if you wold read anything about Romania you would have realised that there are a lot of things happening in Romania to laugh about it without invennting them
16. ... q=romania#
I hope i hadn't double posted this :unhoodedkenny:
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Re: Some mistakes 403 Quintuplets

Postby Plebsof Williamshire » Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:45 pm

mate, it is a cartoon... im british and the way they portray the british on south park is just stupid and unrealistic... SO WHAT! it is a cartoon! and it is one of the funniest comedies ever made.
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Re: Some mistakes 403 Quintuplets

Postby Kennyluv34 » Tue May 29, 2012 1:31 am

Dude, they did this to be funny. It's called comedy, and it's what people watch to laugh. They don't watch comedies to learn a bunch of true sh*t about Romania.
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Re: Some mistakes 403 Quintuplets

Postby alerdArb » Mon Dec 11, 2017 7:15 pm

even dough i hate to say it, this is true exept the russsian english accent part. Most people that know english (and are good at it), dont have that much of a russian accent. i started improoving my accent and its not that bad. hope this helps (BTW im Romanian)

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