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Re: The anti-ORGANIZED Religion Thread

Postby 2+2=5 » Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:04 am

The majority of my previous post was an attempt to organize my thoughts on the nature of 'forcing belief,' when it is permissable, condemned and commanded; interspersed were the synonyms you used for forcing belief in your previous post, the closest thing to a definition of it i have found from you in all your discussion of the issue, showing both my rejection of the majority of these definitions and in illustrating the ways in which you yourself break these regulations attemping to evoke Matthew 7:3 on your continued pushing of this point. You seem to spend a large portion of your leisure time critiquing the beliefs of others on issues you can do nothing about to change and so, if you find no enjoyment in this, I must call you to look deeply into yourself and ask once more why you engage in it; don't try the trolling reply again, you were talking about this *Exact* issue the first time I posted on this board, over 3 years ago, trolling shouldn't sustain you that long especially if you don't even enjoy it.

Concerning not interesting ourselves with those issues to which we have no ability to change, this would render the study of almost everything obsolite (the laws of physics are fixed, as is history), ignores the usefullness of some of this knowledge and finally, its interest especially if the issue in question impacts upon us or those we care for. As for not involving oneself in issues that do not effect you, rather selfish attitude to take, and in this interlinked world, not really an impacting one as every issue effects us to some degree.

It must once more be noted that religious issues are not worthy, in my view, of forcing in most circumstances.
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Re: The anti-ORGANIZED Religion Thread

Postby jesussdad » Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:59 pm

triplemultiplex wrote:
jesussdad wrote:oh. your one of those are you? im not a zeitgeist supporter and that whole venus project aint my thing but that article you posted is just a string of claims with nothing to back it up. since z came out there has even been new discoverys which further back up its religious deconstruction.

Apparently, you fail to notice the list of references at the end of the article.

jesussdad wrote:as for the "other conspiracy theories" they can be proven correct with the most basic fact check.
if you don't already know it the 9/11 commission have themselves called it a cover up and nist have had to retract and amend their bullsh*t report. if you dont know where that leads youre as dumb as you sound. and before you start up , ive seen it all. and dodged the disinfo.

If any of these conspiracies were supported by anything more than logical fallacies and unverifiable anecdotes and didn't blatantly ignore numerous facts that contradict them, they wouldn't be conspiracy theories now would they? And the lack of evidence for any of these conspiracies is, of course, always part of the conspiracy.
It might be foolish of me to draw conclusions about you based on a few posts, but contrary to what you've just said, you appear to be a magnet for misinformation.

well its all going to be laid out this year by the looks of it. you clearly haven't looked far enough if youve only seen anecdotal evidence . check this out .
other than that i dont wish to derail this thread any further.
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Re: The anti-ORGANIZED Religion Thread

Postby M00ndragon69 » Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:35 am

No, I am not trolling any more. That was 3 years ago. I just come on here, find a thread that sounds interesting, and say whatever comes to mind. Sounds like I kind of piss you off though. Why? I don't agree with you on certain points. What's it to you, honestly? Also I don't even know what Matthew 7:3 says, so if I am envoking it,, it is not on purpose. I don't think you someone who should be calling anyone selfish, because well, what do you do to help those people you are so concerned about, other than sit on your computer and bitch?

All I can say is I don't really know you, but from what I do know, I don't think like you or want the same things as you.If I am selfish, by the absurdly high standards you seem to have, that is your problem, not mine. You know what? Say what you want on this thread, I don't care. But I will do the same thing, and if you don't like what I have to say, oh well.

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