The Real Reason S14E06 Was Censored

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The Real Reason S14E06 Was Censored

Postby SpoogeMaster24 » Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:43 pm

Sup, folks?

I have been a diehard fan of South Park since the very first season. I have watched it grow from a show about four potty-mouthed kids who get into trouble to a show that always seems to give the finger to SOMEONE. I especially like it when they give the finger to Comedy Central/Viacom.

So we all know that last week's episode was ludicrously censored, but I feel we must ask ourselves why. On the surface, it would seem that the higher-ups were concerned with the well-being of the SP crew (especially Trey & Matt), but let's consider this a bit more carefully.

If Trey gets shot in the face and dies, there is no more South Park. He is the cock to Comedy Central's balls. They are nothing without him, and they know it. What would Comedy Central be without South Park? A bunch of Mad-TV reruns (yuck!); therefore, the decision to censor was one based on monetary gain, not the physical well-being of anyone.

Great, we have sold our freedom of speech. I didn't realize there was a price on this, but apparently, I was wrong. I sure wish I knew the guy who made this decision. I'd let him taste the back of my hand. POW!
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Re: The Real Reason S14E06 Was Censored

Postby familyguyrules » Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:58 pm

oh my god, you're like their biggest fan...that is so super awesome! it's like you know them, not just as two guys making a great show, but as real people, flesh and blood like you and me...and because you're such a fan, it means you know exactly what you're talking about...that is so super awesome! do you think i could ever feel that way? hey, thanks for being you :)
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Re: The Real Reason S14E06 Was Censored

Postby Big-Will » Fri May 07, 2010 3:28 am

Fantastic username/post combo. May your stay here be short. :)
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Re: The Real Reason S14E06 Was Censored

Postby adam_slayer » Fri May 07, 2010 2:33 pm

SpoogeMaster24 wrote :

"He is the cock to Comedy Central's balls"

I liked that part the best

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Re: The Real Reason S14E06 Was Censored

Postby kfgg » Fri May 07, 2010 6:47 pm

Comedy Central was literally saved by the word of mouth that South Park brought in. It wasn't carried on many cable systems. We had Comedy Central in 1995-1996.

All I can remember them playing was the original Hairspray with Rikki Lake, Vitamin C and Jerry Stiller and Airheads. Of course Viacom did not own it back then.

In 1997 when South Park came around, that channel grew. We started seeing more popular stand-up, Jon Stewart took over The Daily Show hosting in 1999 and that really took off, we started seeing more reruns of popular shows like Mad TV and SNL and some movies

Right now, they have 3 very strong shows. South Park, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report. When you think of Comedy Central, you automaticly think of 1 of these 3 shows, the first one likely being South Park.

Viacom is all about the green. When they raided youtube, they owned a similar website called which is now Spike TV's website.

While their content was blown off, they developed the full episode players on their websites and are doing their thing with that.

Music Videos don't mean very much money for MTV/Viacom. So they took all that off the air. Last night MTV-2 ran a block of music videos during the evening for the first time in awhile. Throughout they kept telling people to switch over to MTV and watch a premere of a show. During the MTV VMAs (their biggest show of the year) they shut down all of the other MTV channels showing a still shot telling people to change the channel to MTV until the VMAs are over.

In 2002 they did a movie called Clock Stoppers or something like that for Nickelodeon and every channel under the Viacom umbrella stopped for a few minutes and showed a promo for it.

This is the Viacom way. Outragious, unusual, weird.
Stan and Kyle :)

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