2112 With a South Park twist.

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2112 With a South Park twist.

Postby Mromgtkkyb1992 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 6:52 pm

This idea came to me recently and I'd figure I'd write it. It's sorta gonna be based off the song 2112 by rush but mixed in with south park characters. The plot will be somewhat like 2112 but also changed a lot to fit in the south park world.

2112: With a South Park twist.

Chapter 1: Overture with a bit of discovery.

It was just another boring night as 9 year old Stan Marsh stared out his bedroom window, resting his head on his arms which were crossed along the windowsill. He was completely bored of how life had became. Watching the TempleTV, Reading a Templebook or even playing The Templebox360 had all became uninteresting to Stan these days.

His best friend Kyle Brofloski, told him that life here was way better than on the other farther planets. This planet and all the surrounding planets had achieved peace. For almost 50 years now they had not had a single war. They we're banded under something known as The Red Star of the Solar Federation. Stan had no idea what the hell that was, nor did he care to much. He thought his life was good, he thought he was happy all up until recently. Growing bored of staring out his window, he decided to head out. Maybe he could find something to do outside. He grew tired of doing the same things everyday.

It was 3:13AM rather late for Stan to be awake, but he couldn't sleep. He went to his closet, and put his brown coat on over his pajama shirt. He didn't bother changing his pajama bottoms. He slowly opened his door, and walked out of his room, and then closed it as slowly as he could, so it wouldn't make a sound. Waking up his parents or sister was the last thing he wanted to do. He then approached the stairs, where he once again had to act slow as he took his time going down them one at a time. After all this sneaking he was out the front door.

For a while, he just aimlessly walked around. He knew he couldn't go see any of his friends, they'd all be asleep right now. Stan put his hands in his pockets, and let out a sigh. He continued his walk, and eventually arrived at the bus stop. He leaned up against the bus stop sign. He looked up into the sky at the two moons, and then gave another sigh. He thought this was just the way life would be forever. Then a strange thought came to him. He turned his head to the left. Then turned his whole self to that direction. He had never gone that way before. It seemed he was always facing the road, or walking to, or from this spot. Hhe had never headed out into the snow behind him.

He wondered if there could be something there. It was something new. Something he had never done. Instead of the same old temple bull crap he was used to doing. i\It was an adventure. A quick smile came to his face, and he then headed off into the snow. He walked for a while, the only thing ever seeing was a few pine trees around him. As he walked farther and farther into this place, he noticed something in the distance. A cave. Something new, something he could explore. Stan began to run towards it quickly checking his time on his Templewatch it was now 5:25AM. He had to be home at 6 to sneak into his room, and pretend he was there the whole night.

He ran faster and faster until he finally made it to the entrance. He leaned one hand against the wall of the cave, and took a few deep breaths. Running all that way took a little out of him. Stan recovered, and then slowly took a few steps into the cave. Luckily the sun had just started coming up, giving Stan enough light to see into the cave.

He headed deeper into the cave, not seeing anything to special. It just seemed like a normal cave. After walking about 50 or so feet in Stan considered turning back. He thought for a minute, and then decided to press on a little more. The cave had been mostly straight forward, with a few slight turns. Then the cave had a direct left turn. Stan continued through the cave to this point, and then looked over down this left turn and saw something.

"What the f*ck?" Stan said, as he saw the strange object.He stared at it for a few seconds wondering what it was. He slowly began to approach it, when suddenly his Templewatch started beeping. Stan quickly checked the time on it. 6:00AM. "Oh sh*t!" Stan yelled, it echoed through the cave. He gave the device one more look. but he knew he couldn't be late to get home or late for Templeschool. After breaking his stare from the device, he ran out of the cave as fast as he could. Quickly ran home. Ran into his house, and snuck back into his room. He quickly laid in his bed, and stared at the ceiling. Then a few seconds later a knock was heard at his door.

"Stanley, it's time for Templeschool dear." Said the voice of his mother, Sharon.

Stan sighed in relief, he made it home in time.

End of chapter one.
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Re: 2112 With a South Park twist.

Postby Mromgtkkyb1992 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:17 pm

Chapter 2: The Temples of Syrinx Announcement.

Stan pretended to just wake up from his moms calling.

"Alright mom I'll be out in a second."

He jumped off his bed and picked up a pair of blue pants and a white t-shirt, and headed into the bathroom. After showering, and getting dressed he headed down the stairs while putting his hat on over his short black hair.

"Now you have a good day at Templeschool Stan" Sharon said to her son.

"I'll try." Stan responded back as his mother kissed the top of his head.

"Hey Randy have you seen my.. RANDY!" Sharon yelled as she came in to see what Randy was watching on TempleTV.

"Uh I was just flipping though channels I swear! I mean its the same old crap all the time anyway you really think I'd watch Templeporn hehe.." Randy then rubbed the back of his neck.

Kyle, Cartman and Kenny stood at the bus stop like they always do.

"Yo Kenny did you see that show on TempleTV last night?" Cartman asked.

"No I was too busy listening to Templemusic" Kenny answered in his muffled way

"On a Templepod?" Kyle asked

"Yep check it out" He took it out of his pocket and gave both Kyle and Cartman an earbud. After listen for a few seconds Kyle took his out and Cartman was soon to follow.

"Dude that sounds like crap." Kyle said after having listened to that. "Does it have any better Templesongs?"

"Nope, that's the only one." Kenny then put the Templedevice into his pocket, and the buds into his ears.

"YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS" Stan came running over, and took his place at the very end of the bus stop close to the sign. "Dude, I think I just sounded like Cartman."

"Yeah, just a little." Kyle said making a sign with his hands that implied little.

"Well whatever, last night I went over there!" Stan pointed behind him. "And you'll never guess what I found!"

"What?" Kyle asked.

"Well I was bored last night so i decided I'll check out what's back there and I found this cave and, in the very back of it was this thing.. I don't know what it was but, you guys gotta come with me after Templeschool to see what it is." Stan let out a little smile after.

"Uh but we might have Templehomework or something."

"Kyle, dude, this is like nothing I have ever seen before we have to go!"

"Alright I'll check it out."

Cartman gave his response "Fine I guess I'll go too."

"Kenny? KENNY!" Stan yelled.

Kenny pulled out his Templebuds from his ears "What the f*ck do you want?"

"Ugh, wanna go to the cave I just told you about?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever"

"Alright!" Just then the Templebus pulled up and all the boys got on. Stan and Kyle took their usual place at the back. Cartman Sat in the front, and Kenny took somewhere in the middle. Stan looked out the window as the bus drove by the towns temple. He was amazed at how tall it was. He saw it nearly every day except weekends, but it still amazed him to see it. What amazed him more is how the people in there decided everything. What Templeshows were allowed on TempleTV, What Templemusic they could listen to, Even what Templebooks they were allowed to read. Everything they could do for entertainment was decided in that place.

After about a 10 minute ride the bus pulled up to the school all the kids filled into there classrooms and took their seats. After about 5 minutes their teacher Mr.Garrison walked in.

"Now now children take our seats, We have a lot of templelearning to do today."

"Saying Temple before everything is really starting to piss me off." Cartman muttered to Stan

"Eric Shut up!" His teacher yelled at him.

"Attention students" A voice came over the PA system "We are now going to say the pledge of the Red Star of the Solar Federation."

All the students rose up, and spoke the pledge.

"Look around at this world we've made
Equality our stock in trade
Come and join the Brotherhood of Man
Oh, what a nice, contented world
Let the banners be unfurled
Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand"

End of Chapter 2
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Re: 2112 With a South Park twist.

Postby Mromgtkkyb1992 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:35 pm

Chapter: 3 The Re-Discovery

Afterward the kids sat down, and then carried on with their school day. At 3:00PM the bell finally rang, and Stan was quick to rush the group on the bus. Getting a few insulting remarks from Cartman as he did so. Upon the bus arriving at their stop. Stan rushed off the bus, and the others all got off normally.

Stan had already started running towards the cave. "Come on guys hurry up!"

The others just kinda exchanged glances then slowly followed after him.

Stan made it to the cave, and did the same thing he did the night before but his hand on the wall to catch his breath. He ran even faster then he did last night.
After a few minutes his friends finally arrived at the cave.

"Dude how the hell didn't we know this was here!" Kyle said in surprise.

"This isn't even the cool part, come on you guys follow me." Stan led them into the cave. They walked on for the 100 or so feet, and Stan who was in the lead stopped and turned around to talk to them. "Alright dudes around this corner is something strange.. I don't know what it is." He took a deep breath and turned around the corner, and there it was just like last night. The others soon followed behind him.

"Whoa dude." Kyle said upon seeing the strange thing for the first time. "What do you think it is Stan?"

"I have no idea dude." Stan said as he moved closer to it. He was now with in touching distance of it. It was a strange thing. The others looked at him from about 10 feet away. Stan took a deep breath and brushed some dust off the side off it. "It must have been here a long, long time its really dusty." Upon brushing off more he moved his hands across the strings. Everyone jumped in amazement. As Stan did that they heard some form of music they have never heard before.

"Dude that was awesome do it again!" Cartman said.

Stan did, and then again and again. The boys sat in the cave all day playing with this new found device. Realizing holding down different strings would make it make different noises.

"Dude this thing is so f*cking cool!" Kyle said as he played a few notes. "It makes me feel all sorts of emotions and feelings I didn't think music could do."

"You get horney from this?" Kenny asked

"No Kenny god. Like happiness, and sorrow, and I dunno dude this just makes me feel emotions. I didn't think any device was capable of such a thing."

Just then Stan got an idea. "Oh my god dudes. We gotta show this to people. Then maybe we won't have to listen to that crappy Templemusic anymore. We could listen to this instead. We should show this device to the Priests!"

"Yeah we could be like f*cking heros or something!" Cartman added.

"Yeah come on dudes lets go!" Stan said as him and the other boys ran out of the cave.

End of Chapter 3
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Re: 2112 With a South Park twist.

Postby Mromgtkkyb1992 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:31 pm

Chapter 4: Presentation

As the boys walked down the sidewalk Stan continued to play the strange device.

"Damn dude that sounds like so awesome." Cartman complimented.

"Yeah dude, I can't wait to show the priests!" Stan said excitedly as he then played a few more notes.

After walking for a little longer, and playing a little longer the boys finally arrived in the front of the temple.

"Wow dude its so much bigger up close" Kyle said looking up not even being able to see the top of the temple.

"Well come on guys lets go" Stan opened the doors to the temple.

As the boys walked down the hallway they were amazed at the size of it. The ceilings seeming almost endless and the walls looking nearly 40 feet apart. With tons of Templecomputers on them. After a bit more walking, and looking around in astonishment to this great hall, they came to a big door.

"This must be the elders room." Stan let out a deep sigh, and pushed the door open. He walked into the room, it was also large in size. Stan looked forward to the few priest who sat about 20 feet in front of him. He let out a gulp of nervousness, and then stepped forward. "Father Maxi, me and my friends have found this strange device."

Kyle then spoke "It makes beautiful music, that can make you feel all sorts of feelings."

Cartman then added "Yeah, and it's totally badass, I was the one who actually found it you see."

"Dude, shut the f*ck up you did not." Kyle yelled at him.

"Guys stop it. Oh great priests, just listen to its music. It's most awesome and powerful sound." Stan let out a sigh, and then bent his head down and held his hand up in the air. He gave a rock on sign and then played the device as skillfully as he possibly could he went on, and on for about 5 minutes then he was worn out. He puffed out a breath of air, and then waited for the priest to respond. He was expecting to hear joyful cheers, but instead nothing. The priests showed no emotion. The lead priest Father Maxi stood, and walked over to the Stan.

"This device has no use here, its old and just a ancient toy." Father Maxi said taking the device from Stan.

"Dude, what? That thing is f*cking awesome! Did you just not hear that!?" Stan was shocked beyond belief.

"Yes, but this is one of the things that helped destroy the elder race of mankind its useless. It does not fit our plan."

"But It makes the most beautiful music ever! Better then that sh*tty stuff you have us listen to."

"ENOUGH! Do not pester us any more all of you get out now!" With these words Father Maxi brought the device smashing to the ground breaking it apart. He stomped on it until it was completely destroyed.

Stan stared completely shocked!

"Dude lets just- lets just go" Kyle said grabbing his friends arm, and turning him around.

As the boys were heading out, Cartman quickly turned around for a second.

"Oh yeah you know that saying I found it thing I said, I didn't mean it hehe." Father Maxi stood staring at him with pure anger. Cartman then slowly backed away, and then ran after the others.

Stan walked out and then sat on the curb outside, putting his head into his knees, and covering his face with his arms.

"Dude, are you okay?" His best friend asked him.

"Just leave me alone Kyle."

"But dud-"

"I said f*ck off!" Stan got up and marched away angrily.

"You just got told!" Cartman said to Kyle

"Shut up fatass." Kyle said as he too walked away.

End of chapter 4
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Re: 2112 With a South Park twist.

Postby Mromgtkkyb1992 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:13 am

Chapter 5: Oracle: The Dream

Stan walked down the empty streets. He eventually arrived back at the bus stop. He looked back behind him. To where he had found that magic device. Stan just kept staring, and eventually he began to move towards the cave. He walked this time so when he reached the cave entrance, he was not tired, or out of breath. He journeyed in to that same spot where he found the strange device. Only now there was nothing here. Just some empty cave room. No where to go farther in. Stan laid on his back where the device once was. Just staring at the roof of the cave not moving, and eventually he drifted off to sleep.

Stan lay at the bottom of a staircase. He opened his eyes, and pulled him self up.

"Where the hell am I?" Stan looked around confused and then looked up the staircase. There seemed to be someone at the top. He took a deep breath, and then began to climb the stairs after a few minutes he reach the top. Once again he was out of breath. "God, dude I didn't think I was so out of shape."

"Hello there little one." The man at the top of the stairs greeted Stan.

"Uh hi."

"I am known as The Oracle. Look into this crystal ball."

"Crystal ball? What the hell is this." Stan took the device in his hands, and in a second. He was standing in the front row of a concert. "Holy sh*t dude!" Stan watched in amazement as someone was playing the strange device he had seen before with such perfect skill. He also noticed other devices, one like the one he found but with less strings, and something you hit with sticks. There was also a person singing. Singing rather amazingly. "Dude this is so badass." Stan looked around him to see a whole crowd of people banging there heads so he joined in.

After about 30 seconds of this the music stopped. Stan was back at the top of the staircase.

"The world you live in now is devoid of such thing." Said The Oracle.

"Wait this used to happen?"

"All the time, many different things would happen. Would you like to see more?"

"Hell yes I would!" Stan quickly grabbed the crystal ball again, and was shown all sorts of things. Movies in movie theaters, iPods that allowed you to play any music you wanted, gaming systems that didn't have just one game.

Then the sights changed to the people who had this great fun. Leaving as the priests took over, and the Elder race being forced away. Being forced to a different home.

"STOP!" Stan yelled as all the happiness he felt from feeling these old experiences went away. "Why the hell did they do that?"

"The priest wanted to gain control, so they had to force the Elder race away. But don't worry young one, the elder race will have their revenge. They still learn and grow. Their powers grow with purpose strong. To claim they home where they belong.

Stan stared confused at The oracle, as what he was saying seemed to be almost right out of a song.

"Home to tear the temples down. Home to Change!"

Stan gasped awake with this final line.

"It, it was all a dream? Aww sh*t" Stan fell back down on his back completely disappointed.

End of Chapter 5
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Re: 2112 With a South Park twist.

Postby Mromgtkkyb1992 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:39 am

Chapter 6:Soliloquy

Stan lay on the rock still 4 days had passed, and he had not done a single other thing. He kept remembering how great it was. The concert, the movies, the songs. He sighed deeply and a sad smile came to his face.

"Guys, guys I found him!" Echoed the voice of Kyle through the cave. "Dude. how long have you been here? We've been looking for you for so f*cking long!" As Kyle finished his sentence Kenny, and Cartman entered the part of the cave where the device had once been.

"I don't know.. life is so meaningless." Stan responded in a depressed tone turning to look at Kyle.

"What, what do you mean?"

Stan now sat straight. "I had the most vivid, real, awesome dream in the world. You were wrong from what you told me before Kyle."

"I was wrong about what?"

"Dude other planets not being as good as here. This place f*cking sucks!" The depression had left Stan's voice, and now turned more to angry sounding. He jumped off the rock and was now standing. "This whole planet used to be this awesome place where everything wasn't a f*cking TempleTV, or Templecomputer, or temple f*cking whatever! I saw it all Kyle it was amazing and its made it so I don't wanna live in this sh*tty world anymore."

"Dude, that was a dream! How the hell do you know it could have been like that?"

Stan let out a deep sigh. "I don't know, but it was so real feeling. At the end of the dream, this guy said the people I saw in the dream. The Elder race would come back here, and destroy the towers.

"Well dude it was just a dream."

"You keep saying that, and I KNOW THAT."

"Dude, calm down everyone's wondering where you are. You have to leave this cave and come home now!"

"I don't want to go home. I'm sick of this life."

"Stan don't do something stupid!" Kyle now had panic in his voice.

Stan reached for a sharp rock on the ground.

"Dude no!" Kyle grabbed Stan's arm as Stan attempted to shove the rock into his own neck.

"Let me do it Kyle!"

"No! I'm not letting my best friend kill him self"

Kenny and Cartman watched the battle, not moving a muscle.

"Should we help kenny? KENNNY!" Cartman yelled at him.

"WHAT" Kenny screamed back pulling the earbuds from his ears.

"Dude, you still listen to that crap?"

"It's all I f*cking got f*ck off."

Kyle finally won the struggle, as Stan was weak from doing nothing for 4 days. He threw the rock as far away from his friend as possible.

Stan sat on the ground, and then fell on his back passed out.

"Oh sh*t guys help me!" We gotta get Stan to the Templehospital!

End of chapter 6
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Re: 2112 With a South Park twist.

Postby Mromgtkkyb1992 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:02 am

Chapter 7: The Grand Finale.

The boys carried Stan just to the outside of the cave. After doing so they all noticed something in the sky.

"What the f*ck is that?" Cartman questioned looking up at something that looked like a space ship.

Just then a huge laser shot from the bottom of the weird looking ship right into the temple. The temple instantly exploded. The 3 boys covered their faces. Kenny looked up to see a huge chunk of debris falling right towards him, that slammed him into the rocky side of the cave.

"Holy f*ck dude!" Cartman screamed in reaction more, so to the temple exploding then to Kenny dying.

Just then a loud recording came from the ship and seemed to be coming from thousands of others

"Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation
Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation
Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation
We have assumed control
We have assumed control
We have assumed control"

Just then the ship let out a light and someone beamed down in a very alien like fashion. He slowly began to approach the boys. Cartman slowly backed away but Kyle stood in front of Stan.

"Alright you kids have two choices. Help us make this place the way it was before, or die."

"I'd like to take option one please!" Cartman said holding up one finger.

"Yes that! And can you help our friend?"

"Sure we have trained for many years, and developed many skills." He then casted his hands at the chunk of debris, and it vanished and there stood Kenny.

"Hey dudes whats up!" The newly revived Kenny said.

"No not him!" Kyle said in slight disappointment.

"Hey f*ck you!"

Kyle then pointed to Stan "Him!"

"Oh sure." He did the same casting thing, and then Stan groaned.

"Dude you're alive!" Kyle shouted excitedly.

"What, whats happening?"

"What you said would happen in your dream dude, this place was apparently takin' back by the elder race."

"Wait so that means everything's gonna be awesome!"

Many years went by, as the Elder race took control once again. Making the world seem just like one in Stan's dream. They all got to experience movies and music, and Stan Marsh got him self a new strange device which he later found out was called a guitar.


Okay so if you read this yes I f*cked up the ending a lot. But I just don't have the heart to make Stan commit suicide or die. COMMENT if you would like.

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